I am so glad you are here!

I am a proud wifey to Mark, and mama to Sloane, Roman and Scarlett. Oh, and Ace our energetic and loyal chocolate lab.

We have a sweet little love story that began across many many miles but holds deep roots within our small little village in Ontario, Canada. For real, we are from a little village of about 80 people. We grew up down the road from each other, went to a small rural elementary school together but our paths didn’t cross until we were in our 20’s. I never in a million years would have been able to guess how this most amazing adventure would unfold.

My brief career in Broadcast Journalism ended as I packed our life in bags for hockey. As our love story unfolded, I followed my love of health and wellness and went back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition. This was absolutely life changing and sparked my first online business 8 years ago that was made up of a blog (thehealthyginger) and passion for my health coaching clients.

So much evolved as I used my education in my life, but becoming a mama (x3) clearly changed everything. My passion and purpose run deep and I have loved being able to work from home and enjoy the hockey adventure.


After many moves along the way which took us to the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Germany my husband retired after 16 years of playing professional hockey. We are now set up in our super small and amazing hometown located just outside of Stratford, Ontario.

The heart behind my business is built on educating, supporting, and cheering on other women. I truly love connecting other fierce females to what lights them up and support them as they live their life more intentionally. I firmly believe that by living life in abundant health we are capable of showing up as our OG versions in a bold way.

Through Mark’s career we were rewarded with the most incredible experiences and friendships that I am forever grateful for. There have been many ups and downs on our journey together but I am beyond proud of where we are as a couple, as parents and in our life’s work. Hockey continues to be a big part of our life. Since retiring my husband has jumped into the other side of hockey as part of the Player Development Staff with the Arizona Coyotes. It fills my heart watching him love what he does and create his impact.

It is also so fun to watch our sweet, handsome and energetic young man falling in love with the game too so I have gone from hockey wife to (super proud) hockey mom! Who knows, maybe the girls will want to try too!


As parents we are doing our best to raise our family in our small hometown focusing on being active, humble, kind, respectful and with an awareness of their community.


get to know me


Where do you live?

Super small town (like legit 80 people) 10 minutes from Stratford, Ontario. Fun fact, we both grew up here and connected in our mid-20’s in a very fun little love story.

My go-to wardrobe is:

Athleisure…. or jeans and a tee.

Favourite time of day?

I love the energy, creative flow and space for myself when I sit down for my AM work sesh after I get my kids out the door.

Favourite indulgent beverage?


If you could eat one food for the rest of your life?

Hands down pizza

What is your dream date?

Jumping on the back of the Harley with my arms wrapped around my man.

Favourite healthy food?


Where was your favourite vacation?

Our Italian Honeymoon where we hit 6 cities in just under two weeks by car. Actually the best ever and we dream of going back someday with our kids!


What continues to evolve in my life is always continuing to evolve in my professional life as well. Which is the best! 

In addition to my wellness business I founded a proudly Canadian company Little Ice Tribe (est 2015). 


We have created the highest quality, stylish hockey inspired apparel with a deep love of giving back to youth hockey that we are so darn proud of. Our family is so grateful for hockey and all that it has provided for our family and we fully believe that sport creates strong children. We are so excited to create more access to our favourite sport so each purchase gives back to youth hockey programs through our various collaborations and partnerships.

This brand has given me such life, creative freedom, excitement, courage, and love of growth and figuring it out! None of which would be possible without my incredible best friend and biz partner, Becky.


What you can expect in this space, on my social feeds, in my membership community and when I show up – is real life.

Real mom life. Real everyday normal stuff but what I hope is that we can bring energy and freedom into conversations and experiences around marriage, motherhood, wellness, entrepreneurship, hockey, friendship, travel, food and everything else in between. 

I’m a dreamer, a believer, and I vowed when I semi-retired from broadcast journalism that I would use my voice for good. In this space I will do my best to encourage, inspire and lift you up. Everyday is a blessing and life is too short not to just go for it!

Cheers to living your best high-vibe life,

N xo