Hello beautiful human + welcome to a space that is created to educate and empower you to take care of the health of you, your favourite people and your favourite space in the best way possible.

Here we love essential oils. But more than that, we are taking control of the way we live and take care of our families. We know that health doesn’t need to be complicated. We are committed to finding more natural solutions in our home. We are simplifying how we live, transforming the way we approach healthcare within our own four walls and are taking ownership of the journey. We know that as we learn, we are able to make informed choices, We then have an opportunity to do better. We want you to understand how to care for your family, take those baby steps and take back the health of your family and your home. Small and consistent changes make the difference and you are worth it!

What I am most excited about for you, is that as you start your very own essential oil adventure, it’s not just about the oils. I mean it is… but Young Living Essential Oils are a gateway to more abundance in all areas of your life.

I continue to experience this in my own life every day and I witness this as our community grows around the globe. As home’s incorporate essential oils and other natural tools into their home they uplevel the health of everyone.

I want you to get excited! Because when you really start taking ownership of your health journey and commit to change it will change the entire way you live. I promise! It will change how you care for your kids. The products you use every single day – will change. The way you design your day and the health inspired daily rituals you have that will create energy and vibrant health are about to be upgraded!

A lot of people start their oil journey because they are fed up, they know there is another option and they are sick of quick fixes, fads and the band-aid approach to health. They want to get find a more natural solution, a better way, to become the active participant on their health journey. For some, it’s focusing on a specific health challenge like better sleep, showing your digestion some love, having the tools to care for your kids, improved energy, boost hormone health…. This is just the beginning!

I believe it is our right to live a life with more energy, passion, purpose and feel empowered on our health journey.

This is why our THRIVE TRIBE ESSENTIALS COMMUNITY is here to walk this adventure with you!



As a mama of three incredible little humans, my passion is to live our best life, to focus on the small things that allow me to take care of my family in a powerful way. Showing others how easy this is to do in their own home and in their own life, truly lights me up!

If this is your time to learn more about essential oils and find more natural solutions in your life, then let’s do it!

Cheers to all the plant power, all the health + the best adventure with women who walking this journey with you!

N xo

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