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The heart behind what we do is giving you the best quality apparel and the ability to give back and start this ripple effect. We are a socially conscious brand because it matters.


We know that active, healthy and motivated children are our future and we want to create more access to hockey. Sport unites and provides endless life skills, personal growth, passion, confidence, friendships and experiences. We want more children to have the opportunity for sport.

Each purchase of our Little Ice Tribe collection gives back to youth hockey across Canada through our various collaborations and partnerships. Each of our STOCKISTS chooses to give back directly to their own Minor Hockey Programs or put a portion of their sales into our partnership with Right To Play Canada.

The Hockey For Development Program specifically, integrates professional hockey players and clinicians into the school and arena setting. Clinics range from 3-6 days with the goal to (re)inspire local coaches, children, and youth to make hockey a part of their daily lives.

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Children and youth who participate in the program participate in safe and inclusive hockey-based activities that are designed to build a sense of confidence, leadership and teamwork as opposed to emphasizing skill development or competition. By using sport experiences as learning opportunities, this program engages children and youth who may not otherwise participate in extra-curricular

This initiative has quickly developed into an integral vehicle for positive health promotion in First Nations communities and urban settings across Canada. The PLAY program currently partners with 57 First Nations and urban Aboriginal organizations across Ontario and Manitoba engaging 3,300 youth! The PLAY program seeks to promote meaningful, lasting change for the children and youth in these communities.

Click here to learn more about Right To Play's Hockey for Development Program.


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