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I have been blessed to be able to help some incredible women on their journey to feeling their best. I am grateful for each woman's commitment to her own health as well as the understanding that this ultimately affects the health of their family. I am passionate about empowering women to make their health matter and am so happy to share with you what some of my rock star client's have to say about their personal health coaching experiences. 

“When I first contacted Natasha it was in the fall of 2016 and my husband and I were talking about starting a family. I really wanted to set my body up for the healthiest pregnancy that I could, little did I know I was already expecting! This shifted our plans a bit in the best possible way. She gave me healthy, easy, actually doable meals that were preggo and family satisfying. Daily ways to “clean up” my life and ways to help de-stress, meal prep and keep this mama-to-be healthy, happy and calm. I loved our chats and she is so helpful and passionate about helping women create the healthiest life possible. I love that I can continue to use her recipes and healthy habits post baby as well. My husband loves the food and I am sure baby will eventually one day too! As my due date approaches, Natasha also gave me some great ways to prep my body to deliver as well as tips for post-partum recovery--- which I am in the works of getting together now to prepare for the big day. Natasha is a wealth of knowledge and helped me so much through my first pregnancy. Thank you, Natasha!"

Leah Zeiler
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"When I first met Natasha I was fascinated by the tips and tricks she shared with me about healthy eating. About one year later after having two miscarriages I knew something was off with my body and that I wanted to change my lifestyle habits. At this point I knew I wanted to to work with Natasha.  Throughout my five coaching sessions through Skype, I was amazed and inspired by the individual plans and coaching she provided me with. All of the plans were easy to understand and adaptable to my daily life. 

I could really feel a difference after only one week! Not only was my digestive system working so much better, but my hair was more shiny and my skin was glowing. 

After about 4 months of working with Natasha my husband and I tried to get pregnant again. This time I felt much more prepared for a healthy pregnancy. I am so happy to tell you that this time around everything went perfect. I had a great pregnancy and delivered a healthy and strong baby boy. 

I truly believe that I was able to conceive and having a healthy pregnancy and baby because of the coaching I received from Natasha. I'm so grateful for that.

To work with Natasha was the best thing I could have chosen to do at that time. With her inspirational and positive nature as well as her knowledge I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those women trying to conceive or achieve a healthy pregnancy."

Zurich, Switzerland

"When I started working with Natasha in the fall of 2012 I was a busy wife and mom of a wild 1 year old living the bi-continental life between the USA and Europe. I thought I was living a super healthy lifestyle as a triathlete and distance runner, but I was ALWAYS exhausted, most of the time getting through the day on coffee alone! 

Natasha is a walking advertisement of her incredible passion for health and wellness. She so obviously "practices what she preaches" and makes you excited to feel the benefits of good health! Natasha's wellness plans were so easy to incorporate in my day-to-day life, and are 100% comprehensive... I always felt like her recommendations were "additions" never "subtractions". 

During the time I worked with Natasha I lost about 15 pounds of lingering baby weight which was merely a bonus compared to the priceless amount of energy I gained! I wake up energized, can keep up with my "wild child", and get my own tough endurance training in without having to rely on caffeine throughout the day.

A very surprising benefit to me was that I began getting compliments on my complexion. I have always had super sensitive skin that would break out at the thought of a break out! People began asking me what I use "on" my skin regularly, I always explained that it was not what was "on" my skin, and it was definitely what was going "in" my body!

Working with Natasha was truly a wonderful experience! My entire family feels the benefits of the principles she helped us incorporate in our daily life. I am a huge cheerleader for Natasha and I will continue to recommend her services!!"

Sarah F. 
New York, USA + Germany 

"I was lucky to have been referred to Natasha from a good mutual friend. I had never met her, but I had followed her blog. I finally built up the courage one day to email her questions about my pregnancy. Finally, after 4 months I decided I needed to take the challenge and get some insight into one-on-one health coaching with The Healthy Ginger. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. I had just had back-to-back pregnancies and found myself feeling foggy. I didn't realize it was fog until I started working with Natasha. I just thought it was typical from having two kids and a busy working husband. We considered ourselves fairly healthy, but the changes I made with Natasha were easy to do and in just two weeks it was night and day differences in how I was feeling. She has taught me some LIFELONG lessons that will stick with my husband and I, and with our three small children. I am so blessed to have met her and most importantly got to work with her! Nobody will ever regret taking the time to learn from this beautiful woman!" 

Brigitte S. 
Arizona, USA

"I have had the pleasure of working with The Healthy Ginger since 2011.  During this time, I have been educated on how to incorporate whole foods into my crazy schedule to ensure my body is properly fueled and my energy levels remain high.  Information is presented in an easy format so I can incorporate new food challenges while at home or on the road for work. The Healthy Ginger’s passion for life is contagious and she supports you in striving to be your best self!! Thank you for your guidance and support!"

Syl Lucas
Ontario, Canada

"Working with the healthy ginger was definitely my best investment of 2011 - Investment =  ZERO RISK + 100% REWARD! 'the healthy ginger' is very professional, approachable and her excitement & passion for health and wellness enhanced my motivation to improve myself every time we spoke. Every session had a different focus and I NEVER felt overwhelmed with information. The amount of detail that was put into each of my plans was impressive - along with the quick turnaround time in receiving it. The plans were always 100% tailored to my health, our conversations and always had great recipes too. I plan on taking advantage of the now offered “tune-up” session in the coming year to revisit where I am and evaluate where healthy changes may need to occur.I highly recommend the healthy ginger’s services - you won’t be disappointed! I sincerely thank 'the healthy ginger' on guiding me to whole living and over all wellness." 

Jami G. 
Ontario, Canada

"Natasha’s approach to health and well-being is all encompassing. When I received my first Healthy Ginger plan, it not only included a plan that was specifically tailored to my goals with some easy to follow individualized nutrition suggestions, but it also encouraged me to create a positive mind space every day. Natasha has provided me with all of the tools I need to be successful, but more importantly, she has managed to uniquely shift the way I think about nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, and how I view myself and my body."

Becky L.
Alberta, Canada

"I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with Natasha. She is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and gave me so many great ideas and recipes. The biggest takeaway from my health coaching was that she taught me to make small changes. For me, this made all the difference. I have so much more energy and just feel so much better about myself. I look forward to working with Natasha again."

Lisa Steffan
Zug, Switzerland

"I cannot think of a single person who would not benefit from Natasha's amazing services and website. I am currently due with my first child in August and I am so, so grateful for the information I've acquired from Natasha as it's helping me implement the healthiest choices and decisions I could possibly make as a mom. As someone who was once a nutrition major in college who later switched to another field, I was eager, excited and amazed by the wealth of knowledge Natasha had given to me. The amount of work and and care that Natasha puts into your health and wellness plan is both invaluable and incredibly inspiring as it helps launch you into living the most vibrant life possible. I can go six months without looking at my wellness plan, only to go back and find something new and exciting to re-incorporate into my current lifestyle. I am so grateful to Natasha and her business because it's given me the tools and motivation to live life fully and I cannot think of a greater gift. I plan on being a "lifelong client" and I cannot wait to see what Natasha has in store for the future! Thank you Natasha!!"

Lindsey Shubert
Kansas, USA

"I had no idea how one email to Natasha would change my life. I was challenged with conceiving; in one year, I had three miscarriages and I never got answers from the doctors on the reason why it happened to me. I decided to find those answers by myself. I've always thought I was making healthy choices but I realized that we can always improve... in so many ways! Natasha was always available to answer my million questions, she was always positive, with an inspirational energy. She helped me in so many ways, I saw an increase in my energy level after my first month working with her; even people around me would see it. I felt better, my anxiety dropped and, by the end of my appointments with her, I felt confident I would be pregnant again and would have a healthy pregnancy. I wasn't scared anymore. Six months have passed by since I've started with the Healthy Ginger and I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and feeling awesome every day! I'll always be thankful for everything you have done Natasha and I would recommended your services to everyone. It's was an experience of a and I learned so much about myself and my body. Endless thank you for you Natasha, you have everything to be proud of and you are a truly inspirational person, I'm blessed to have met you."

Chantale Lehoux 
Quebec, Canada

"Natasha has totally rocked my world over the past few months!  I had the fortune of stumbling across her blog in the spring and was instantly inspired.  I made the decision to purchase some nutrition and lifestyle coaching and am so very thankful that I did!  Natasha has shared so much helpful and interesting information with me along with giving me the courage and confidence to make changing over to a healthy lifestyle do-able.  She is a beautiful person full of charisma and life, and she is a wonderful example of what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.  I will be forever referencing my health plans and am so excited to continue to see my new knowledge spark fresh excitement into my life!  Thank you Natasha!!"

Michelle Z,
British Columbia, Canada

"My first experience with a holistic nutritionist was with Natasha Bell, aka, The Healthy Ginger. Her amazing attitude towards achieving a glowing radiant body through health and nutrition really got me excited to clean the edges of my eating habits, and try to obtain a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Her positive encouragement, love and knowledge of food opened my eyes to many different views on the food we eat! Learning about organic & local veggies to finding wheat alternatives, helped get my healthy baking and cooking creative juices flowing. I absolutely love cooking as healthy as possible and also love the side effects (a little bit of weight loss, healthy glowing skin) of a balanced lifestyle that Natasha helped me develop!"

Jenelle C,
British Columbia, Canada

"When I first contacted Natasha I wasn't sure what to expect. I felt as though I was fairly healthy overall and was reasonably satisfied with my general well-being.  At the time my husband and I were planning on starting a family and I was hoping that she could help me fine-tune some aspects of my health before we tried to conceive. I never could have imagined the changes that I was about to experience, or that I would benefit so incredibly from Natasha's sessions. 

After just a few short weeks I had made improvements in areas of my life that I never knew needed to be (or even could be) improved. The unattainable levels of energy that I remembered from my childhood came rushing back into my life and completely blindsided me. I was astonished by my sense of renewed energy and how it affected my entire disposition. Numerous health habits that Natasha introduced me to are now a part of my daily life and have been so beneficial that I can't remember how I used to survive without them. 

Throughout our experience, Natasha's passion for helping me grow and succeed was absolutely motivational and inspiring. Her sessions were completely tailored to my personal goals and needs and each one helped me to further improve myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Her commitment to my success was truly amazing and her approach is both professional and one hundred percent supportive. 

There are really no words to describe the blessing that Natasha has been for my family and I. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and truly believe that both my mind and body were prepared for pregnancy in a way that I could never have imagined before working with Natasha. Our sessions were focused around preparing my entire body for pregnancy and provided me with a wealth of knowledge, additional resources and recipe inspirations. The changes that I experienced throughout our work together were absolutely incredible.I cannot thank Natasha enough for the gift that she has given me and ultimately my sweet little one. I strongly recommend her services to everyone and can't wait to continue working with her during this new chapter in my life!"

Carolyn T. 
Ontario, Canada

"I heard about Natasha through a mutual friend and decided it was time to get more proactive about my health! I reached out and began my coaching and I have learned so much about myself and certain things that I could improve on in my quest for health and wellness. She is very easy to talk to and professional, yet the experience was also very personal. She was a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for everything Natasha! You have made a big difference in my health and I feel so much better since implementing many of your suggestions. Thanks again!"

Kristina R. 
California, USA 

"I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of information provided to me by The Healthy Ginger. I am actively trying to learn more about gluten and dairy free alternatives in addition to introducing more whole foods into my everyday life and Natasha not only provided me with some basic building blocks but also meal ideas. This has given me more confidence to take recipes and put my own spin on them. I really appreciate the knowledge I have gained!" 

Stephanie D.
Ontario, Canada

"I started my plan with 'the healthy ginger' in July 2011, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better!  So many little things that I just deemed as 'well that's just the way I am' has truly opened my eyes to realize that 'no, apparently that's not the way it's suppose to be'. From my monthly periods, to my sleep patterns, to my now lack of chocolate cravings, to my more alertness throughout the day, which lasts longer then a cup of coffee ever did for me.  I feel that I'm on the right path to looking good on the outside and more importantly how I feel on the inside. Thank-you to 'the healthy ginger' for opening my eyes to a world I never thought was possible, just from healthy foods, daily exercise and positive affirmations."

Eileen S.
Ontario, Canada

"Wow ... where do I begin?  Working with Natasha has been such a wonderful experience.  From the very first moment we spoke I felt like she truly cared about me, and was just as focused as I was on helping me feel better!  The information she has given me is truly more than I was expecting.  The detailed plans and phone conversations have been so informative.  I feel very grateful that our paths have crossed as I am a changed woman! My family has also benefited as we are now eating better and enjoying "whole foods".  The lifestyle changes that Natasha has introduced me too have also been wonderful!  I have enjoyed every single thing about this experience and feel very inspired and motivated to continue with the changes I've made.  And that's all thanks to Natasha!"

Stephanie S. 
Ontario, Canada

"Working with Natasha made me realize that you don't need to turn your life upside down to improve your health. Natasha listened to what goals I wanted to achieve in our sessions and by focusing our discussions on those, I started seeing results within the first week. She made things simple and easy to integrate into my lifestyle so that I could continue to apply them even after our sessions ended."

Stacey Armstrong
Ontario, Canada

"Working with Natasha was one if the best decisions I ever made. My husband and I had been trying for a year and a half and suffered one miscarriage when I had decided to get in contact with her. Almost immediately into starting my program I felt more energized, healthy and happy. I was sleeping better, making better food choices and had a general sense of wholeness. Within the first month we got the exciting news that we were pregnant! Natasha's coaching helped give my physical self a huge boost as well as so much mental clarity! We now get to enjoy our sweet little boy Jack and live a healthier happier lifestyle because of her and her programs! I'm so thankful to Natasha for all she's done for us!"

Kelly Foster
Ontario, Canada