LET’S LUNCH + LEARN! [ 1 Hour Session ]

LET’S LUNCH + LEARN! [ 1 Hour Session ]


Education, empowerment and ultimately happy and healthier employees. I would love to help take the health of you and your employees to a new level! We all know that without our health we have nothing, and with it we are able to show up in this world in a big way. I love to share my passion of holistic health and empower you and your employees to set a new standard of health. Each Lunch Workshop is customizable to your group based on areas of interest. Each employee will receive a handout which will cover the topic and additional tips, resources, recipes, DIY’s and much more!

Here are some examples of topics! 

+ Hit The Healthy Reset 

+ Daily Rituals for more energy, better sleep + a happier you!  

+ How to Upgrade The Health of your Home

+ Make Health Happen In Your Kitchen 

+ 10 Ways to Upgrade your Health Now

+ 7 ways to Upgrade Gut + Brain Health 

+ Creating A Healthy Mindset + 5 ways to Crush Your Health Goals 

I can’t wait to help upgrade the health of your workspace and show them how easy it is to create a life they love with new rituals to add to their everyday life. With greater health you improve the way you feel, bring more clarity and energy to your day and are able to show up in a more inspired and productive way! What a beautiful gift of personal development and growth you are providing to your workplace! I can’t wait to inspire, motivate and have fun with your crew

Investment: $150/HR + HST | Travel expenses additional. 

If you would like me to hand curate a healthy swag to pamper everyone – I am happy to do that. Price will be determined. 

Email hello@ourhomegrownhealthy.com for any questions and once you have booked your package I will be in contact to arrange the day(s) that work best for you! 

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