A monthly wellness box is the ultimate way to customize how you care for your family each day.

This is the ultimate way to upgrade the products you use in your home and step into a more healthy, natural, chemical-free, feel amazing and become obsessed with your healthy lifestyle!

And guess what?!? They are products that you are buying already from other places. For me I was able to shift where I was buying all of my other personal care, beauty, baby, makeup, supplements (and more) from places like the grocery store, health food store, online… and now I get it delivered to my doorstep with so many perks!

My monthly Essential Rewards delivery feels like Christmas. Every. Single. Time. This is not an exaggeration.


Healthy change doesn't happen overnight. But imagine the empowerment you feel as you hand pick the products that you are going to now use in your home as a way to care for your family in a new way. This allows you to replace what you currently use and upgrade them with ones that are safe, chemical free and infused with all the plant power of essential oils.

It is truly life changing.

When you join our Essential Rewards, monthly wellness box program you get to choose each month WHAT you get delivered to your doorstep. You get to choose from more than 800+ oil infused products and you are rewarded for being healthy!


  • Earn 10% back on your order for the first 3 months

  • Earn 20% back on what you order from months 4-24.

  • Earn 25% back for months 25 months and on! (which is huge!!! That is in addition to the 24% in savings with your wholesale account!)

  • Discounted shipping

  • Extra free products in Young Living’s monthly promotions for hitting 125 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, 300 PV + 400 PV. Each month the promo is different and you receive an email sharing them with you.

  • FREE Loyalty oil gifts for month 3, 6, 9, 12 & your first year. So amazing!

  • If your first three Essential Rewards orders are 100 PV you get a free diffuser! This is optional.


  • Each monthly order must be a minimum of 50 PV (An example would be a gorgeous Savvy Minerals lip gloss, 15 ml Peppermint essential oil + Thieves toothpaste)

  • Each month you go in and change your order to customize it for you and your home. Go in through the ESSENTIAL REWARDS tab at make the changes before the day of the month your order processes.

  • You can redeem your points at any time by placing a 'quick order' & using them dollar for dollar!! For Canadian members you can use your points in Canada or in the US!

  • You can move your shipment date around anytime during each month (I suggest always making it a day you remember + setting the reminder in your calendar)

  • You can end Essential Rewards at any time

  • There are no fees to join & no penalties to end

I challenge everyone who is beginning this lifestyle to try it for 3 months! The result is this… in 3 months you’ve replaced so many toxic products in your home, spent this money for healthy alternatives instead of spending it on the store bought brands and earned 10% back in points to redeem for free products. If you choose to keep going after witnessing and experiencing the shift in your health – you bump up your earnings to 20% back!

It’s a win, win. Essential Rewards is the way to go, friends and our community is here to walk this journey with you.

I can’t wait to connect with you + help you get started.

N xo