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Heading Into A New Decade

I'm turning 30 this weekend.


I'm okay with the whole age thing but SERIOUSLY someone please tell me where the time is going?!?

It is fun reflecting on all the challenges and blessings of my 20's. All the lessons learned. The mistakes made and the incredible milestones that a 19 year old me never would have believed was ahead.

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Finding Your Magic

I really think that you should read this awesome article, written by Ange over at Hol:Fit. we all have a "game-changer" as she calls it, or perhaps an "ah-ha" moment when we decide that we are absolutely worthy of living our best life yet, and I would love to know what + when yours was! 

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coconut oil {LOVE}

Since transforming to healthier living not only by changing the foods I eat I have also been greening other areas of my life.

One "food" that has so many magical uses that I can't help but gush about to family, friends and clients is coconut oil.

in addition to being fabulous for cooking and baking with, coconut oil has amazing properties that make it a must have for your beauty routine as well.

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