Heading Into A New Decade

I'm turning 30 this weekend.


I'm okay with the whole age thing but SERIOUSLY someone please tell me where the time is going?!?

It is fun reflecting on all the challenges and blessings of my 20's. All the lessons learned. The mistakes made and the incredible milestones that a 19 year old me never would have believed was ahead.

I'm choosing to move forward into my next decade with excitement, a grateful and open heart to new experiences, friendships and fun and passion in all that I do.

I'm on a quest for lots of self love and in turn being able to shower those around me with more love.

Happiness is always a choice. 

I hope you will do the same and try to make happiness your focus for today, or a week, or the month…

Make decisions to please YOU, that will bring YOU joy and help you move closer to those goals you have set for yourself.

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