Ohhhhhh Happy Day!

Sending you so much love today.

Truth: Our fam has had random, small illnesses over the last 3 weeks and I am just so darn happy they are gone.

My current word is GRATEFUL.

So in the spirit of sunshine and gratitude I am sharing a TOP 5 FAVOURITES list with you today.

These are just some of the things that are lighting me up and that I am currently crushing on as I work to bring more balance and health into my own life.  


I looooooove to have a good podcast in my ear. It’s usually about personal development, entrepreneurship or health.


I am obsessed with the GOOP Podcast and always seem to be recommending it to a friend. Their content, their interviews, their guests. It just really resonates with me.

So if you are looking for something to add to your listening make sure to check out some of the topics and I am sure you will find so many that you are excited to dive into. And I saw they just launched a podcast for men. Happy listening!


I am loving salads and find that lunch is the perfect time to create some magic in the kitchen. Our kids don’t love them (I need to hide a lot of greens…. ha), so I tend to make them for the hubs and I at lunch.

I challenge you to include ONE SALAD into your everyday. This is the perfect season to do so and your options are endless!

This salad has: A heaping bed of mixed greens, farro (that was pre-cooked and in the fridge), sundried tomatoes, olives, avocado, almonds and a delish salad dressing of EVOO + lemon juice! That’s it and made in 5 minutes.

One way healthy lunches can become even easier is leaning on some healthy support.

I am so grateful for a local business I looooove Urban Jars. They are located in Stratford annnnnnd in Kelowna (British Columbia) ! I grab 2-3 lunch jars each week to help out with healthy meal prep and am so darn grateful for that! I love their Pea/Farro blend and my husband loves the Thai Mix but everything I have tried is amazing!

With that being said, there are so many amazing options for some help with meal subscription boxes so consider looking into it! I promise, it’s worth it and totally cuts down on money, time and stress spent on food or take out when your motivation is low and your schedule is tight.


Each day I am so grateful for my oils but I am loving the morning ritual of turning on the diffuser first thing as I get lunches together and breakfast on the table.

With the new season I am feeling especially drawn to all of the citrus oils and all things Peppermint.


Our family started integrating these oils into our home almost 6 years ago now and these were some of the first oils I fell in love with. But they are so uplifting, refreshing and I love pumping 3 drops Citrus Fresh + 4 drops Peppermint first thing in the AM.

I love the ability to create some happy and healthy vibes for our family before we start our day.


This whole home reno has the creative juices flowing.

There are so many (amazing) decisions to make, some are for sure more stressful than others, but we are doing our best to enjoy the process. I am so grateful for Instagram and Pinterest! There are so many amazing accounts and images that are making this process so much easier! And a big love to our design team who has set a clear vision and intention and we looooove where it is going.

Here are some acccounts I am crushing on, if you are into the whole design thing.



It feels good to have some big decisions like doors, window’s, flooring, tiling and ( most of the) cabinetry done. Lots more to go but just so grateful for our team and the chance to make this our sacred space to raise our family.


I truly am trying to make movement my normal routine again. This fitness goal has been hard, I’m not going to lie. But 20-30 minutes around 2:30 PM just before the kids get home from school seems to be the sweet spot. I can wrap up my workday, the energy is reeeeal and I love how my skin after a great sweat.


I keep focusing on being grateful for the opportunity and ability to move my body. My current mindset is all about getting to know my body again (post-babes). Some days it’s just stretching, yoga, rolling out on a foam roller and other days its more of a HIIT workout and a jog out our long country laneway.

With the sickies the last few weeks I haven’t been consistent – but I’m just doing my best at moving with the ebs-and-flows of life and moving as much as I can, whenever I can. A game of soccer outside with the kids at night also counts for movement in my books….

So just a few of the things that I am loving and allll the gratitude!

Cheers to you my friend (with one of my absolute fav health infused and loaded with antioxidants bevy of choice NingXia Red)!

My wish for you as you move through this month is to bring more intention to where you spend your time and energy.

Create some space to do you.

To do what lights you up.

To do what raises your energy and vibration and helps you to feel connected to yourself… amidst the most beautiful chaos….  

N xo