Here is your May love note beauty and I hope this finds you feeling amazing!

It has been another fun couple of weeks around here! Wheeew!

We have walls! The kids are so excited each day to see what is going on with our Farm House Reno (you can follow along on IG under the Reno highlight)


We were cheering on our biggest girl who did such a great job at her dance recital.

Her amazing studio puts on the most incredible show and she was a big fan of getting all dressed up and performing what she has been working so hard at this season.


Roman turned FIVE!

This handsome young man (how has this happened?!?) is beyond energetic, curious, loving, sweet, curious and passionate… about a lot of things! Ha!

We love him so much and had fun celebrating with a big ice cream cake and a beautiful sunny celebration with family.

pic 2.JPG

His little sis, also learned that she love ice cream…

pic 3.JPG

So lots of fun!

It got me thinking more about the reality of spring and summer and what that often means for our health.

There are family get-togethers, summer BBQ’s, holidays at the cottage…and yes, there will undoubtedly be indulgences. But I want to remind you - it’s okay to enjoy these guilt free on occasion! But the importance and key to your healthy success is your ability to COURSE CORRECT.

The ability to course correct or get back-on-the-wagon after a day like this can be hard.

A great way to do so is to have some ammo in your back pocket, that you do without even questioning it. I’m here to tell you that the more you do it the easier it is. And it is important to make this your new “normal” thing. A new habit that you instinctively do.

So before summer and all of the fun starts, I want you to think about 3 ways you know you can get yourself back on track.

For myself it’s hydration (all the water), taking my daily supplements and a daily smoothie loaded with all the good stuff. When life happens, and things start to slip or my mindfulness seems to be lacking – these three habits trigger health for me and get me back into a solid routine.

So remember.


All of it!

But you do have a choice – every day, every meal, every hour to get back on track.

For today I will leave you with some healthy inspiration as you bring more mindfulness into your healthy routine.

I love this minimalistic kitchen inspo and it makes me want to go clean my fridge and pantry! Ha!

This fridge is sooooo pretty from  >>" target="_blank">Pinterest.

This fridge is sooooo pretty from Pinterest.

With greater health, your life’s journey hits the high notes.

Enjoy all of the experiences, and eat the food – but don’t forget to get yourself back on track sister!

You are totally worth it!

Wishing you a beautiful day my friend + a week of mindful health!

N xo