Spring Smoothie Inspo, Birthday Fun, First Podcast Interview, Reno + more!

Annnnnnd it feels like SPRING!!!

All the praise hands from this mama after a full weekend outdoors. We alllll needed it and I loved having dirty, happy and tired kids on Sunday night to bath and tuck into bed.  

I can’t even believe it but we just celebrated our baby girls 2nd Birthday. How the heck has this happened?!? She is seriously so sweet, yet incredibly fierce and independent.

We love our Scarlett Kruse so much!


Watching your baby hit these milestones is crazy. Like truly crazy and I am just so excited to watch her grow and keep up to her two older siblings… which she does a pretty great job of.

Hockey has wrapped up for this energetic boy!


He had so much fun in his first year and it was really a lot of fun to watch him fall in love with a sport that is such a bit part of our life.

A massive shoutout to everyone that it takes to run these hockey programs! The organizers, volunteers and coaches - thank you for all of your dedication this season.

Annnnnd can we just take a moment to look at this pic….


My husband captured this right after he receives his first medal. He couldn’t stop staring at it. Honestly, my heart!!! And it is now safely mounted in his room with pride.

Last but very not least, our biggest girl is gearing up for her dance recital in a few weeks! Growing up as an active kid myself, it is so fun to discover who these little humans are becoming and what they love to do! Dance recital pics to come…

Okay! So I love this shift in season for a lot of reasons and I love that we feel that pull to some fresh eats!

Smoothies are at the top of the list for me. So for today, I just wanted to share a fresh and spring inspired smoothie recipe with you that I know you will love.

This one has all the notes of fresh and satisfying that I hope you will love.

GRAB THE RECIPE HERE for this beautiful Detox Green Smoothie that is fresh and super supportive of happy cells. I think you will love it!  


A little side note - I'm excited to be holding a smoothie workshop at the end of the month at our kids school. A Spring Festival has been created that is all about supporting happy bodies and minds – amazing right!?! I can’t wait to jam more on how to blend health into their everyday life. It also makes a really great addition to any lunchbox if you are having some of the lunch box blues at this time of the year. Which for the record, I feel ya ;)

Use this time of the year to bring some energy into your health routine and have some fun! So with a delish green smoothie in hand bring some energy and flow into designing a healthy day you are excited to live out.

If you haven’t already grabbed your THRIVE GUIDE. Go do it!!!

The Thrive Guide that I created is a 7 week blueprint that walks you through seven ways to start feeling better with some new healthy rituals. To grab it for free you just have get your name on the newsletter and the guide will be delivered right to your inbox.

I have a couple of other fun things to share….

I had so much fun on my very first podcast interview with Michelle Wolfe of MUVELIFE! I would love for you to take a listen and let me know what you think. Michelle’s passion for health and healing is infectious and I’m so grateful that our paths crossed at The Female Rising Collective event that I co-hosted earlier this year. She has so much great content on her IG page and her podcast so make sure to subscribe and take a listen.

To check out our Farm House Reno update you can head over to IG and check out the highlight section RENO. We literally have only a stone structure standing now after the original addition was taken down last week. It is mind blowing and so exciting!!!  I’m focusing on healthy brain power for all of these decisions ha!

Happy Blending + wishing you a beautiful week ahead my friend,

N xo