I’m dancing into my thirty-fifth year with a full heart and so much excitement with this new March energy!

Do you feel it too?!?

I know that winter is still here for a bit longer but I love the feeling of new energy, more sunlight (YEAH).

I love using my day of birth as a day to reflect, acknowledge and get excited for what is ahead so after a weekend of birthday celebrations (and let’s be serious…. I try to turn it into a month of celebrations ;))


Here is what I am so grateful for in this moment…..

  • My healthy body

  • My freedom

  • My strong and creative mind

  • My marriage and my life partner

  • My kids and all of the sweet memories we have been creating in the last year

  • My pup

  • My family

  • My solid group of friends all over the world

  • My health

  • My home

  • The ability to do the work that brings me ultimate fulfillment.

  • The connections and collaborations I have been a part of in the last year.

  • My newfound awareness in so many areas of my life that are allowing me to GROW.

And when I reflect on all that I am grateful for I also love to use this time to check in and cast a vision for the rest of the year. I love using my March birthday as a time to reflect on the last couple months and the goals I set for myself in 2019. I encourage you to do something similar this week for yourself!!!

I get it, it is so darn easy to feel “busy” and keep moving forward (also known as treading sometimes on this mama journey!) without allowing you the time and space to stop, assess and pivot if needed.

I did this for waaaaay too many years in my personal life and my businesses but as I have gained a bit more understanding of why it’s so important I prioritize this in my schedule.

My hope is that you will carve out 15 minutes to take pen to paper today!

Grab a tea, turn on some soft tunes, set up the diffuser or grab a favourite oil as you reflect and look ahead. I am currently loving Awaken, Envision or Clarity essential oils for this little ritual.

To begin get comfortable and take a couple minutes to breathe. BREEEEEEATHE.


Next take 5 minutes to free-flow without any judgment or much thinking what you are grateful for. Write it all down with a smile and a full heart.

Then in the remaining 10ish minutes capture and consider…

  1. What is feeling heavy as you align and check in with your 2019 goals? What’s maybe not working? Are there any areas you haven’t spent energy on? Do you need to move forward on these or remove them from your list for now?

  2. Capture where energy and lightness are living in your goals and the things that you are doing. What are you loving? What is working?

  3. What one area are you going to bring attention and breathe life into for the next month to move me closer to my goal this year?

Awareness is EVERYTHING.

I would encourage you to do a check in like this each week if you can, or monthly. It’s waaaaaay to easy not too, and then it’s way to easy to look back on the year feeling disappointed.  Make the time to check in with yourself, the journey and reassess or pivot when needed.

As I look ahead here is what I am most looking forward to in the coming months

  • Confidence in unapologetically showing up as me and using my voice to create change.

  • To be here to support you as you dig your heels into living your best life and continue to challenge myself to put myself out there.

  • Dreaming up more amazing ways to be creative and step into that fierce power I have chose to ignore at times. I’m committing to speaking more truth.

  • The willingness to learn and to pivot when I need.

  • Release what’s not working and step more boldly into what is.

  • To think big and create small actions forward each day.

  • To continue to fall in love with my body and vibrant health.

  • Finding more peace and calm in this everyday motherhood journey.

  • To listen more.

  • To breathe deeper and get outdoors

  • Finding JOY in the journey each day.

  • Having more fun and being more playful. I keep reminding myself, ultimately it’s not about the THING or the GOAL. It’s the experience and adventure of getting there.


I am so grateful for you. I am grateful for another year around the sun and to be able to be a wife, a mama and to do work that gives me so much energy and fulfillment is something I am grateful for every day.

Cheers to thirty-five and owning another year of growth and success on my own terms!

And cheers to YOU as you create some space to reflect, acknowledge and commit to becoming better each day,

N xo