holiday loving + creating clear intention for the rest of 2018

Happy day beauty!

I hope your week is going incredible as all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is officially here this week!

Our sweet tree is up and our two oldest kids were thrilled to do all the decorating.

The holiday parties are underway and I have about ¼ of my shopping done…. Things are looking up! Ha! Lots to still do but I am doing my best to find joy in these coming days.

I hope you guys are having the best week and I want to spread some holiday cheer and tips on maintaining some calm amidst the Christmas (chaos) fun….


I have made a commitment to myself. I am focusing on JOY, setting boundaries and really remember what it is all about. It really is so easy to get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t matter.

So here is what matters in my world incase it inspires you to set some clear intentions for how the rest of 2018 is play out in your world…

  1. The health of my family and myself. Without our health we have nothing, I know I have said this a hundred times but after battling colds and congestion up in here, I was reminded of the importance of preventative health care and ensuring you have the right tools on hand when you need them. Cheers to everyone staying healthy through the holidays! I share about some ways we immune boost up in here with this online loft hangout.

  2. Simple health rituals. Lots of water, one smoothie per day, I am playing around with some intermittent fasting (anyone do that???) and after a week of doing it consistently I feel good… so going to try and continue that into the next few weeks. I love the brain clarity I have been feeling and sticking to the basics of clean meals when we are at home between the hustle and bustle. Getting to bed in good time, indulgences in moderation and focusing on a few areas to stay clear and committed too. Come up with 3 things that are non-negotiables each day in the holidays to keep your health on track and your mind clear.

  3. Journaling on 2018. I am committed to carving out some time through this week (before the kids are off school) to get still. To really go over the year that has been and get clear on what seeds I am planting in my personal and professional life to create growth and a few solid new goals. It is so easy to stay focused on where you are going but there is power in reflection and I truly believe both success and failure leave clues allowing you to create more of what you desire. It is also way to easy to keep treading… and not take the time to stop and really feel where you are at. I feel like as mama’s this is our amazing life with our young families, but there is so much power in slowing down or completely stopping so that can set a new intention and create amazing new ways to live your best life.

  4. Focusing on healthifying the holidays. I talked about this in a recent online loft hangout too that you can catch here. It’s about staying consistent and mindful while still finding joy in all of the gatherings so feeling mentally prepared with how you are going to create health in the coming weeks is so important.

  5. Being present. Cliché yet so darn true. Gosh there is so much to-do… but I know I need to just be with my kids. That’s all they want. I am committed to connection and focusing on being where I am at that moment. I can’t even believe the size of my kids and how fast each year seems to be going. I am totally aware that being present is the greatest gift I can give to them, and myself.

I am sending you all so much love for the most beautiful holiday with the people that you love.


Don’t forget – THE THRIVE SOCIETY IS NOW OPEN!! Eeeeeeek!!! We start January 7th and to understand more about what it is and why a health coach and wicked community might just be the gateway to everything you need on this health journey check this out.  

Merry Christmas + wishing you the most abundant 2019!

N xo

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