dusting off the blog || bump life update + fudgey protein brownies for the win

You guys! 

Today felt like the right time to dust off the old blog.

I love this space and I love sharing all things health with you, but life has been pulling me in some other directions (in a wonderful way).

I appreciate you following along with where I have been hanging – mostly on Instagram + Facebook. So make sure to pop over there if you haven’t. It’s quick and dirty and allows me to share quick snaps as life happens, yummy meals, everyday life, natural solutions for you and your family and a whole lot more! 

So I hope you are FABULOUS! I hope your life is full, your heart is full and that you are feeling well.

Spring really is a magical time to be able to re-commit to a health routine, get outside, lighten up the food we are eating and just feel the new wave of energy as the season shifts. 

I had the best time hosting a Loft Hangout this week. The last one before le babe arrives (more on that in a minute). We chatted all things Spring. How to create new healthy daily rituals, what cleansing foods to focus on and how to green the way we clean our homes! It was a blast. I made some yummy treats, we sipped our turmeric tea latte’s and had some great chats. I adore these hangouts because it allows us all to connect with a like minded community of women! There is so much strength in coming together and surrounding yourself with a positive and inspiring tribe...You know?!? 

If you are in the Stratford area, I hope you can make it out to one when I start holding them again. Keep an eye on social and I will post when the next one is.

I have had some requests for the delicious Fudgey Protein Brownies that I whipped up! As you can see, this sweet mini chef had the awful task of helping, which included some "clean-up" duties.

Totally sloane-approved. 

These brownies are so easy and so delicious so click THIS LINK to grab the recipe. You will love them. I might have had one as part of my breakfast this AM… whoops. I actually swapped out the peanut butter this time for sunflower seed butter. Totally delish! And I used pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts. I don't think you can lose with this one though. 

So yes, life is full and about to get a whole lot more full (….. crazy). Our third babe is set to join the world in 3 short weeks. WOWZA!

Here is a little #bumplife progression...

19 weeks. 

24 weeks.

30 weeks.

33 weeks. 

I am now 37 weeks. This pregnancy for sure has been a bit different and I think it is just because life is wild and crazy with a 2 and 4 year old as well as a couple of businesses. But overall I have been feeling good! I think any mama will tell you that by the second or third child you are busy looking after your family so your pregnancies look a little different than the first time. 

I am still focusing on whole foods, trying to stay active (beyond chasing around the other two), take some time to slow down and tune into the baby (I was so grateful for my 6 weeks of pre-natal yoga with Christa at Moksha in Stratford) and do my best to mentally and physically prepare for this labour. 

How sweet is my big boy helping out at our 36 week checkup at The Stratford Midwives. He is helping Evelyn, who helped bring him and his sister into the world too, measure my tummy and find a heartbeat. This was his second appointment and as you can see, he's almost got it down pat. A little aggressive at the end... but he was trying ;) Ha. 

Recently, I was honoured to be featured on a gorgeous blog Her Write Peace. You all had such sweet words to say about the post, but I thought I would SHARE IT HERE as I feel it really provides a little insight into our life and all the going-on’s...and perhaps where I have been the last several months. Thank you to sweet Kelly for the lovin’.

So a HUGE Happy FRI-YAY to you!

The other crazy thing, is that as I head to bed lately I keep thinking about how I haven’t shared ROMAN’S BIRTH STORY. Totally crazy and I'm annoyed with myself. My big boy is about to turn 3 and it was the most incredible experience and as D.Day with baby #3 looms I really want to share his story! So look for that next week – hopefully before I pop ;) Ha!

Okay! That’s it for now my friend. Happy Day to you. I hope you are amazing and seriously try these brownies! They are delish!

Sending you a whole lot of love!

N xo