summer vibes + upcoming loft hangout

SUM-SUMMA has been such a blast! We are back from a glorious (re: exhausting haha) summer “vacation”. A cottage with lots of adults and even more kids was so much fun! 

I adore seeing our kids sun-kissed and truly happy. 

I hope you have had lots of time for work and play this summer too.

I feel like I keep saying this, but life is moving so so fast and we are doing our very best to savour each moment remaining in August before our little (not-so-little) girl heads off to Junior Kindergarten! It’s so insane and now that we are at home permanently, she will be going to the same elementary school that both my husband and I both went too. So special and totally strange at the same time! 

For today I thought I would pop by and say holla! I hope you are able to slow down a bit and enjoy what summer has left in store. For our family this means keeping our days simple, spending lots of time outside, getting to know our sweet new pup a lot better and plenty of pool parties, BBQ’s and campfires with our favourite people. 

Our eating patterns change in the summer, which is so fun too. Here are just a few ways I keep our family on track and healthy in the hot months. 

  • Lots and lots of water. I find the best way to make sure the kids are always fueled up on the good stuff is to never leave home without our reusable water containers. I will often have some fruit or veg infused water in the fridge too. Think blueberries, cucumbers, ginger, lemons, limes, raspberries and oranges. Such a delicious and healthifying way to enjoy your water. 
  • We focus on cooling foods + beverages a lot. This includes smoothies, lots of fruits and veggies, that are simple and hydrating.
  • We tend to have smaller meals too and I try to spend less time in the kitchen. I love to get our veggies and meat prepped up and ready for the grill so we can be outside as much as possible. But a lot of our lunches are kind of throw-togethers with fruits, veg, hummus, crackers, energy bars, salads, cold pasta salads, nuts, seeds hard boiled eggs, etc. The best part is that these are super time saving but also more enjoyable for everyone when our appetites aren't as big.
  • And one of my favourite ways to not only healthify the foods (sweet treats) our kids eat but make sure they get everything they need in a day is to make homemade popsicles! So so easy, and is a hit every time. As you can see Roman loves this chocolate version! The possibilities are endless and again, you can jam as much goodness in their as possible without them even knowing otherwise. 

You must add this do-it-yourself-healthified FUDGESICLE to your summer repertoire! The inspiration came from My New Roots, which I am obsessed with. This is an incredible online resource for healthy and beyond beautiful food. Her website, Instagram feed and cookbook is totally drool worthy.


I didn’t copy the recipe exactly but used what I had in my kitchen and added it to our popsicle molds. The kids are obsessed and so am I!

The name of the game is to navigate summer in a healthy way for the whole family while still enjoying seasonal indulgences.

And one more thing before I go, LOFT HANGOUTS are back! This month there will be one – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17TH @ 7 PM. As you know! These wellness nights are all about supporting you along on your own health journey in such a fun and empowering way!

It is all about committing to small changes in your daily life. So this LOFT HANGOUT is all about ways to up your product game. We will chat about ways to clean up the products in your home (re: getting rid of unnecessary harmful chemicals) with essential oils + other common kitchen items. The goal is to give you more healthy tools to take a more natural approach as you clean up your home and work environments so that you can truly THRIVE in your health journey.

Head to THE SHOP to grab a pass so you can join us. We will have healthy snacks, drinks, a comprehensive e-book with all of our fun DIY recipes + tips as well as a little something to take home from moi :) 

So much fun!

Have an incredible rest of the week. Wishing you so much health + happiness to enjoy these warm summer days and nights.

N xo