I HEART HEALTHY + some upcoming events

HELLOOOOOOOO! I truly hope that you are having a fabulous week.

Our family has officially been home in Canada for just over a month now and I can’t even begin to express how fabulous it is! Kids are in their new routine and I am LOVING being home and sharing all things healthy and it officially feels like summer.

Our time at home so far has been full and wonderful!

Over the last few weeks I have had the chance to share more about healthy living, essential oils and ultimately how to make healthy living – doable! A local high school just held an incredible Mental Health Awareness Week and I was thrilled to be able to chat with students from grades 7-12 about ways to start making healthy choices now. Another great event was run by the City of Stratford for their employees! They held a wellness fair and 22 of us set up shop sharing our products and services! My mom was along to help me out and we had a blast connecting with some of the employee’s about how easy and fun healthy can be. 

I can’t begin to express what an amazingly beautiful thing this is! Information is powerful when you understand HOW to make healthy changes especially when you know how many modalities and practitioners are so excited to help you along on your journey. 

Last week I launched the LOFT HANGOUTS and it was so much fun! The women were not only excited for a girls night out, but we noshed on some yummy treats, chatted about 5 ways to live a whole lot better and chat and all things healthy ANNNND everyone got to go home with a luxurious essential oil infused bath soak. It was everything I hoped that it would be. Empowering, relaxing and so fun!

A few days after this hangout I was thrilled to get this little text.

"I picked up some almond butter and lemons. Excited to get them juiced up with my daughter later. Thank you for the inspiration! And instead of eggs, bacon and toast for brunch, I'm having a salad of mixed greens with tons of veggies fruit, a bit of cooked chicken and cranberries. Little changes :)” RIGHT!?!"

To me this is success. It is about the little changes, it is about choosing to do better every day and it’s about taking time to look after you by becoming your own health advocate. There are always ways to simply shift the way we live and it’s these small changes that yield the greatest results. Healthy is a way of life, and it’s a whole lot of fun! I promise!

Keep your eye on the website and social media for our next monthly LOFT HANOGUT to be schedule for the middle of June.

And if all this wasn’t enough fun – The Thriving Mom Project starts NEXT WEEK!! We start Wednesday night. This is the Spring 2016 edition and there are new additions to the 4 weeks of healthy hustle that I am just so excited about including: LIVE interactive webinars (instead of recordings) so you can ask your questions and get to know your tribe, more video's and how-to's in our daily FB group AND a new weekly menu plan that will give you oodles of recipe inspiration, a grocery list and of course the recipe to guide you! So fun!

In a nutshell here is how it works, but make sure to head to the website for a whole lot more info and success stories from our alumni! Each week there is a weekly live webinar (Wednesday's at 8 PM EST) with a recording for those who can't attend live, a super comprehensive e-book filled with healthy tools to guide you and health challenges, as well as a weekly the menu plan and daily support through our private Facebook group! This will be the best way to hit the reset button for a healthy spring and summer! And remember, when you join our #THRIVETRIBE you gain lifetime access to the program meaning you can join us (at no cost) for the fun 4 weeks!

So, just a little update from my world. I hope you are having the best week and I hope that our paths will cross soon my friend!

Happy weekend + cheers to your healthiest spring yet,

N xo