creating space + a mama mantra

I'm not 100% convinced that there is such a thing as finding the perfect life balance. As a mama, wife and entrepreneur there are those days that my juggling act is off. 

Like yesterday. Oh boy, yesterday....

Each day I am trying to be better. Better at prioritizing what needs my attention and what I pour my heart and soul into.

My focus is my family and sometimes I need the gentle reminder that everything else can {and sometimes needs to} wait. I'm sure this has and always will be a challenge reserved for all the incredible mama's out there until the end of time. 

My own mom has reminded me to do my best at staying present, always. When I am with my kids, be fully with my kids. When I am with my husband, be fully there with him. When I am with my work, be fully with my work. Multi-tasking can take its toll. I have learned that we far too often let our minds and hearts creep into that territory of feeling like we should be somewhere else, doing something else. 

After a good night sleep {thank G}, some sweet emails this morning {so appreciated} and some quality time with my hubs {aka my rock} life is back on track again today. Amazing!

I share this today because well, I am sure you have been there.

This little babble and Mama Mantra is here to remind both you and I that we have choices. 


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We all choose WHAT we create space and energy for. We all get the same 24 hours. I'm learning that it's not always about the hustle, but instead about choosing who and what we give our energy to, while still keeping a little left in the tank.

Outside of our everyday-life-commitments we choose what we make time for. We choose who we spend our time with. I have found that sometimes I need to say "no" more often to create space for more awesome to walk through that door. Sometimes my to-do-list needs to be re-worked. 

When our juggling act is a whole lot of crazy it's a reminder to stop, breathe and make some gentle shifts. 

Call a friend. Slow down. Make a coffee. Read a book. Sit in silence. Diffuse some oils. Make a hearty soul soothing meal. Take a bath. Anything to take a breather and re-focus. 

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Post-tantrum. Sometimes it's me that needs the time-out... not my sweet threenager ;) 

There are of course many lessons to be learned on the hard days. My goal is to infuse love into each moment no matter how big or small it is today. To stay present. To engineer my day in a way that works for me and my people and to enjoy the ride. The journey is where it's at and what it's all about. 

Today I wish for you more of what matters, some energy left in the tank and moments of bliss, 

N xo

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