2016 goals + THRIVE IN 52 starts this week!

WoooooWeeeeee! We made it through the holidays and just like that, we are in a New Year!

Lots of family time with Sloane home from school, Christmas celebrations with our hockey family and lazy days doing a whole lot of nothing...were amazing! 

I hope with all of my heart that you had a magical holiday season.

I’m out of my PJ’s {lulu’s count right….} which makes today feel a bit more normal.  Sloane is back at school and after a much deserved break I am happily back to work. Yeah!

I have made some time to sit down and map out some goals for 2016. Here is just a little sample... 

  • Post holidays I am excited to live a little more indulgent-free. The treats were great, but my bod is craving a more normal menu and I am ready to get back to the basics. Cutting sugar + dairy is a priority. 
  • Dedicating more of my day for consistent movement to regain more strength and energy. 
  • Regular yoga movement. I miss my hot yoga back home and need to get to a studio here in Berlin! 
  • Continuing to put passion and fire into my health coaching and oily wellness team + kids hockey inspired apparel biz has me totally jacked up. I love it!
  • Re-focus my energy and get rid of energy leaks. As a mama and wife, I am learning more about efficiency of my time. I am taking this one, one day at a time...
  • But perhaps most importantly I hope to find more joy in the small everyday moments with my family.

Inspired by a Christmas chat with a great friend one of my mantra’s for 2016 is to find EXTRAORDINARY in the ORDINARY.

After our chat, I have been left thinking a little differently about living in the now, being present and not taking the days and weeks that pass so quickly for granted. Her wise mama reminded her....it's not about the big days (Christmas, Birthday's, your next big vacation....) where memories are made. The magic happens in your everyday "normal" moments.

It is SO true especially as a mama of two young tots because the everyday can be....a lot of the same…BUT over Christmas this mantra hit me like a tonne of bricks as we were colouring together and as we walked to the park to play. It's THESE moments that I am sure I will long for again some day!!!! The sound of their giggles, their hair blowing in the wind, rosy cheeks (....snotty noses...), and the pure joy they feel with every ounce of their being. 

This little snap makes my heart sing with gratitude and love for these two little people and I am beyond blessed for these moments and to be their mama.

I hope you have had some time to reflect on the year that was and the clean slate ahead of you as you dream up some soulful goals for 2016. I wish nothing more than for you to find more JOY, LOVE & BLISS in your everyday too. Not living for Friday...or a New Year or your next promotion, next vacation.....but start loving and living a little more each day. 

If healthy is something you are focusing on this year – don’t forget that THRIVE IN 52 starts on Wednesday! I hope you will join our #THRIVETRIBE for 52 weeks of healthy inspiration. Check out the details here – but each week you receive a little love note with one healthy challenge. Easy and manageable ways to take control of your health one week at a time! Your investment is just 52 weeks for $52 (CAD). I hope you will join us! 

And one last little thing. It looks like the man of our house has spoken! Here are some family goals for 2016. 

Sending you healthy vibes for the best year yet! 

N xo

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