life update from berlin!

Life is flying by at a record speed right now.

But HI! I truly have missed you and now that we are relocated back in Germany, I am back online! Yeah!

Summer feels as though it is officially gone and we are enjoying the beginnings of fall.  

Sloane is sooooo happy to be back at school with her teachers and friends.

Proof is in the goofy smile. 

Roman and I are kickin’ it at home together. This kid is all boy, busy busy but his funny little personality is starting to shine.

Each week there are so many new milestones and I am loving this almost one-and-a-half year old with all of my heart. There truly is something so special between a boy and his mama. 

As for the siblings… well they fight like cats and dogs at times but there are those moments of brilliance.

Like this one. 

I was in the kitchen making dinner and looked out at their impromptu snack picnic in the back yard. Let's be serious, it lasted like 1 minute...but a blissful moment it was! I so look forward to watching them grow together. It's the little things in life right? 

So a few random babbles + update on all things life...

Life in Berlin is good! Such a fun city, lots of great hockey families again this season and I am back into the swing of things with work.

We spent the weekend at the most incredible place. 1000 acres, 350 horses, a castle and more fresh air and wide open spaces than we have experienced in a long time. Our family thrives in the country and we were so thrilled to take a little time-out from city living and return to our roots. 


THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT is launching again in November! Stay tuned for when enrolment opens but I am working on making a few changes so that this online group health coaching, helping mama's reclaim their health, is even more accessible and easy for mama’s of all ages and stages to make fit in their schedule! 

Lots of online oily workshops and events coming up, so stay tuned!

I am on Periscope.... Peri-what?

Truthfully, my head spins with all this social-media-shiz! Wowza. But now that I {mostly} understand it, it’s basically a way to chat with you – live! Fun! You can interact, ask questions and I will just be sharing little tid-bits, random babbles and healthy experiences with you. I have made myself a deal, that I will be holding my first “scope”...soon. Ha! Wish me luck and you can find me under the handle @thehealthyginger.

Oh... and I am launching a little passion project with one of my besties in the coming weeks! Just to keep life full and exciting of course ;) This has been on the go for over a year now and I can’t wait to show you what it is and how you can get your hands on it! 

So there you have it. A little life update from the other side of the world. 

I hope YOU are great! I hope the people in your world that mean the most to you are great too. Cheers to a great week ahead and as always, I love and appreciate your lovin’!

N xo