Summer recipe inspiration from my CSA box+ life update

Hello my friend. 

I hope your summer is rolling right along and has been filled with great weather, lots of time outdoors and a lot of fun too!  

As always, life is good and busy with our family. I can't even believe it, but my husband is back overseas for another hockey season. What the heck!?! The kids and I will follow shortly. But in the meantime, we are savouring what is left of our time in Canada. 

Work is busy and amazing! I have loved holding some essential oil workshops over the last couple of months educating moms on how to safely use these as a healthy tool in their home. Recently, some amazing women went home equipped with a whole new way to look after their families, detox their home and a little bottle of Abundance

I have one more workshop coming up in the next couple weeks in Stratford, so stay tuned for details on that!

I was grateful for the opportunity to chat about The Thriving Mom Project too at the Grand Opening of Lynn River Farm's new Farm Store. I loved being a part of their CSA program for a couple of years and they are offering our community amazing food and healthy opportunity. So excited to see how Mike and Lindsay will continue to grow! 

This summer I am supporting another Community Shared Agriculture Program from a long time family friend who lives just around the corner from me. Julia McIntosh runs Grandma's Garden and Gratitude Foods as both a Farmer and Culinary Nutritionist. It's awesome. Her weekly bounty of produce has been the perfect addition for our family, I love the convenience of the delivery and knowing that I am supporting local is always the best.  

This past weekend I was feeling like I needed some soul food - so here is a peek at my Sunday Scramble. 

This Sunday Scramble used some of my happy eggs from Farmer Julia, mixed with some almond milk and seasoned with salt, pepper and some dried herbs. Once the scramble was just about done cooking I added some leftover chicken from the night before and the rest of my CSA goodies from the week which included kale, fennel, zucchini and then topped it with some kimchi. It was the best. 

And for one more summer recipe for you also thanks to my CSA basket here was some fast food that I made I under 5 minutes. This just further emphasizes the importance of a bit of organization {re: food prep} and the pure beauty of leftovers. Every mama needs leftovers! 

This was a mix of quinoa salad I had left from a BBQ we had at our place then I added a handful of raw vegetables already sliced up and half of an avocado with a drizzle of lemon juice, some sea salt and pepper. 

I am loving my weekly supply of fresh herbs too. Cilantro and parsley are for sure two of my favourites and are great to add to any summer salad for some extra natural flava! 

Wishing you an incredible rest of the week + one that is full of fabulous food! 

N xo