Practice Safe Sun

Environmental Working Group recently released their 2015 guide to safe sunscreen and guess what? Of the 1700 products they tested 80% got a big F based on the nasty ingredients they contained.

I know a lot of health conscious mamas are looking for green sunscreen options for their kids, which is amazing. Consumer demand in the last several years has  resulted in greener and cleaner options.

As a ginger. I have been covered head-to-toe in sunscreen, all summer long, much of my life. #gingerproblems right? Not really. I think a lot of people think if they aren’t fair skinned they don’t need to worry as much.

Former self proclaimed sun-worshipers have warned me to take care of my skin and that I would be grateful to have had fair skin one day. Not exactly what my highschool-self had in mind when everyone else had a gorgeous tan. I tried tanning beds but low and behold, not much of a tan and waaaaay more freckles. Lots of them ;)

But NOW I get it. I embrace my whiteness {most of the time ;)} and I truly want to pass on safe sun use to my kids.

And yes, of course, we need the sun. Our bodies require Vitamin D for optimal health and for those of us who live in parts of the world with winter, we are often lacking. 15 minutes of sun exposure {without sunscreen} gives you approximately 10-15,000 IU of vitamin D. And supplementation is a great idea in those months when we don’t see the sun.

So while I hope you can get outside and reap the many benefits of the sun, I want you to PRACTICE SAFE SUN. .

Let me introduce you to a few of my sun weapons. 

Pictured in the top is my Eminence Mineral Makeup. It's really easy to apply and is great for kids, a husband who likes to golf and even as a light coverage/SPF option for summer makeup. I just tap it on my wrist to release some of the powder then apply in circular motions on the face. 

The Sunny Kids sunscreen is in my baby bag at all times and I used all last summer for our sunscreen. 

My new favourite way to protect my family as well as my own fair skin is this blend using two Young Living products. ClaraDerm + Carrot Seed Oil 

So far so good in our house! It is easy to apply. Smells fantastic and in addition to protecting from the harmful rays it is actually health promoting and great for skin health in general!

ClaraDerm rockstar qualities: Fractioned Coconut Oil, Myrr, Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile + Helichrysum.

Adding the Carrot seed oil makes this blend approximate SPF value 38-40.

Here are some other tips to stay safe this summer ….

  • Hats! It’s a rule in our house our kids must wear a hat outside when it’s sunny. And the best parts for mom’s is that there are some fabulous, trendy options that provide a ton of coverage with their wide brimmed hat.
  • Wear long/light clothes: I try to dress our kids in long/light clothes when they are outdoors and it’s wonderful how many great bathing suit options that are available now that cover the skin and provide UV protection. I totally want to plug this one from one of my besties. She is a fellow health conscious mama and started this company with a mama friend. Based in Stockholm, Sweden this brand ensures your kids are safe and super cute at the same time! Check out IA BON here + they ship world wide. 
  • Sunscreen safely: Consider the recommended brands above and if you want to know more about how to get your hands on Young Living’s products to make your own – email me {}. 
  • REAPPLY: This is a biggie. Once is not enough. Sweating, swimming and a lapse in time means you must reapply.
  • Avoid peak hours of sun: I know this kind of goes without saying but try to do your best to keep your kids inside when the sun is the hottest {11-2ish}. Morning and late afternoon are better times to be outdoors.
  • Find shade or make your own: If you can't use Mother Nature to find some shade then any umbrella is a great solution whether you are at the beach or outside picnic-ing. 

So what’s the big deal about sun safety? Melanoma. I know someone who was very young when diagnosed. So it’s a great idea no matter what age, to do a SKIN CHECK once a month. Take a peek and look for moles that might be changing, growing, etc and when in doubt – TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. 

This video recently went viral and is worth the watch.

I want everyone to have fun and spend more time outdoors but do so wisely by practicing safe sun! 

N xo 

Brand links: 

Eminence: You can order online or find a spa that carry’s Eminence. If you are in the Stratford area head to The Spa On Albert and chat with Maureen ☺ 

Green Beaver: Not pictured above but we have used and loved it. 

Goddess Garden Organics: I picked this up at my local health food store and have used it last summer. It takes a few more minutes to rub in but overall love it. 

ClaraDerm + Carrot Seed Oil: I can hook you up and help you get your hands on these two products – so shoot me an email or follow this link.