3 quick tips to increase healthy productivity + TTMP starts SUNDAY!

We all have excuses {errr...reasons....} for not looking after our health. For not being able to make a healthy meal. For not getting to yoga class. But what I have learned on my own health journey as well as helping coach others to better health is that we all have CHOICES. Every day we have hundreds of choices in how we spend our time, who we surround ourselves with, what we eat, when and how we move more, our attitude, our happiness, how we pursue our passion.... 

Get the gist? 

About a year ago I made a deal with myself. No more excuses. We are all busy. We all have chaos, challenges and stresses. I no longer apologize to others or make excuses. I am choosing to own my journey. 

Most of us are striving to live better and feel better. And it's an ongoing journey. I'm not perfect and I'm not expecting you to be either.  

Today, I thought I would share three easy ways to decrease stress in your AM routine by simply shifting the priority to what you do before you put your pretty little head on your pillow. My hope is that this will help you make your health a priority too. Use your choices wisely.


  • Plan, prep + execute: I do believe that health starts in the kitchen. Do everything in your power to make your next day of clean eating stress free by washing, chopping, preparing and organizing how your food looks for the next day. Do 2 or 3 days at a time if you can and that fits your life better. I like to get our breakfast materials together in the kitchen or prepped by making overnight oats, portion out smoothie ingredients and our snacks, pack our bags, and even fill water bottles. Each task you do counts! It rarely takes more than 30 minutes to do this and is always more fun with a hot tea, some mellow tunes and the attitude of gratitude as you prioritize the health of you and your family. 


  • Nightly checklist: I don't know about you but my head tends to whirl with my to-do-list while lying bed trying to go to sleep. One way I have {mostly} eliminated this is to taking a  good old piece of paper and pen to write down the 5-10 most important tasks that need to be done the next day. Better yet, keep your book or list by your bed so that you can make sure to "spew" before catching some zzz's. Simple, effective and it reduces stress in a number of areas in your life. For the record, a busy mind at bed-time is beyond overwhelming. Keeping a list will help keep you in line with what really needs to get done. Make sure to schedule in more healthy activities too! Workouts, prepping healthy food, any way you can carve in a bit more health-centered living is amazing! 


  • Get your beauty sleep. Ahhhhh yes. This is an important tip not to be overlooked. How you can you expect to be productive, and stay on your "A" game if you are burnt out and exhausted all the time. Cut your screen time, re-arrage your day and your commitments to make sure you get your head on your pillow by 1o or 11 PM! Healthy sleep habits are essential if you want to live with more energy and health. The more consistent your sleep habits the more time and energy you will have to stick to healthy choices. A solid sleep keeps hormones in check and makes rising in the morning a lot easier. Most families hit the ground running early and from my own experience...a rested mama is a happier mama. 

It's not rocket science, but consistently prioritizing these simple tasks will make sure you are less stressed allowing you to prioritize your health with more ease! Living a more health focused life takes some attention, it isn't accidental but I promise it is fun and empowering to know that you are looking after you, and your tribe the best way you know how. 

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Before I go, some fall recipe inspiration for you from the vault with THIS pumpkin spiced granola!

I also love THIS post about how to keep Halloween healthy + HERE are some incredible ways to use some of fall's sweetest offerings. 

Happy Halloween Weekend and I hope you can integrate a few of these tips into your everyday to reduce stress in your life and allow you to bring more health into your world. 

N xo

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