2015 :: design a year to remember

Happy New Year to you! I hope the holiday season was spent with the people you love the most, filled with lots of good food, lots of laughs and despite the hustle and bustle I hope you could fill your cup up with a bit of relaxation.

We had family in Berlin from Canada and it was so so special. For those of you who live away from family, you know how hard it can be sometimes when your family feels so far away. We didn't do a whole lot which was amazing. Ate like kings and queens, laughed a lot, played cards and I just enjoyed the comfort that felt like "home" when they were with us.

As I reflect, 2014 was wonderful for so many reasons.

Roman was born and Sloane continues to morph into this incredible human that has so much spunk, personality and drive {errr…stubbornness…} that amazes me. Another hockey season overseas has meant more travel, experiences and friendships I will forever cherish. While I have been mostly on mat leave essential oils, some nutrition clients and some other fun biz happenings have been filling my time and challenging me in so many ways. We finished some construction on our property at home in Canada. People got married. More people had babies. People got new jobs. There were a lot of laughs, not a lot of sleep {hoping this will continue to improve… :S}.There was success and there were some epic fails but it's a New Year and I'm feeling some new energy.

My goal for 2015 is to design a year to rememberand ultimately the life I truly want to live.

I pledge to do less of what I THINK I should be doing and more of what I want to be doing.

I pledge to feeling less mom guilt. Some words of advice from my incredible mama a few months back really hit home. She said that as mom's we often feel like we should be doing something other than what we are doing. Like when we are at work we feel like we should be with our kids. When we are with our kids we feel like we should be multi tasking and cooking, cleaning, organizing, planning or working. My goal is to stay present in each moment. Productivity will come from doing so and so will more satisfaction and enjoyment in each day.

Continue to feel grateful. Always. Through the challenges the successes.

Stay curious.

Be less serious and more playful {thankful for a playful hubby and two crazy awesome kids}.

Dream big and take even bigger actionable steps to reach said goals.

Love with all my heart.

Do my best to live without regrets.

I believe that living a great life doesn't just happen.

Those people you envy who seem to have it all and get shit done….guess what, you can have it to.

I believe that while none of our lives are perfect happiness comes from a deep understanding that what we have is enough. Who we are,  is enough. And where we are heading, gives us hope.

Do your best to make time for the right people, tasks and experiences.

Set goals that make your heart race a little.

Work hard and play hard.

And for the love of all things fabulous - DO NOT - spend time and energy worrying about what other people think, what other people are doing or comparing yourself to other people.

My New Year wish for you is that you create a year that brings you so much joy you could scream it from the rooftop.

Reflect on what 2014 and get excited about a fresh clean slate.

Design a year worth remembering.

Remain present and stay true to who you are and what your deepest desires might be.

Push through the self doubt when you feel "not-quite-ready"…because this where growth and success can flourish from.

Find passion and purpose in all that you do.

And always, always continue to be grateful for the incredible goodness that you have in your life. There is always a sweet ray of sunshine even when under the darkest of grey skies.

Happy New Year my friend.

Here is to growth and more happiness and abundance than you might even know possible!