berlin update

Yes my friends. We are in settled in Berlin.

Sloane started preschool.

Somebody please tell me how this happened so fast…

I love how much she loves her new school, teachers, friends and how I can already see her growing up before my eyes in just a few short weeks.

Roman is 5 months now! It's crazy. He is sitting tall, has rolled over a few times and I have started to introduce a few solid foods since he seems interested.

Re: interested.

With Sloane I feel like I was counting down the days until I could start having fun with food. Life with two kids is apparently a bit busier and these mini milestones are sneaking up on me.

The last few weeks at meal times he all of a sudden gets super fussy and annoyed. Finally my {super smart and ridiculously good looking} husband said, "maybe he's hungry"….

Oh right, that.

Well wouldn't you know it. The boy was hungry and wants to try small amounts of big people food.

See. He's excited :)

So far avocado, banana and egg yolk have been a hit.

If you want to know more about baby food introduction you can read THIS.

I feel like I am back in a groove of meal prep in a different country. Stocking a new kitchen, getting used to finding our families favourite ingredients always takes a little time but we are back to some good eats.