midweek babbles

Holla gorgeous! Well life over in my corner of the world is crazy busy but awesome.

He has decided he wants to sit up.

And she discovered she likes chocolate ice cream.

Yes, we have treats every once in awhile too :)

Our family is relocating back overseas shortly and we are savouring our last days at home in Canada.

As I was puttering {housework, packing...} and parenting today something kept creeping into my mind that I couldn't seem to shake.

So here I am sharing it with you.

Every decision you've made, challenge you've faced, obstacle you conquered, triumph, heartache and circumstance has got you to this moment - right now. Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be. You have a gift. You are resilient. You are made out of pure love, it is up to you to find the joy and excellence in each and every day and live out your life's purpose - regardless of the chaos. 

For real. YOU have a gift. We all have a gift and a purpose{s}. You may feel as though it hasn't yet revealed itself to you and you are searching to find what that gift may be.

I know that this is a question I frequently ask myself.

I believe that if we remain OPEN and believe in the process we will live our purpose and AFFECT those around us leaving the world a better place.

Follow your passion.

Follow your heart.

Try to dig deep into your intuitive spidey senses and remain open to opportunity.

This summer we had a cancer scare in our family. My dad was told he had bone cancer. Thankfully, this was a mis-diagnosis and after a rather invasive biopsy and benign tumour that was removed by surgery, he is on the mend.

There are no guarantees in life, as we were all reminded of. We will all face crisis at some point in our life. We don't know when it will happen, how it will happen or how our world may be rocked by it.

I feel like this made me even further evaluate how I am choosing to live my life. The decisions I am making. The journey I am choosing. The goals and dreams I am setting and truly look at WHAT and WHO is most important in my life. Thus, determining what and who deserves more of my time and attention.

Some incredibly interesting people, events and possible collaborations have revealed itself to me in the last week. I'm not sure where things will go but it has left me unable to sleep well {thanks to dancing thoughts of excitement}, fear and self doubt {I'm hoping this is normal…} but I have decided that I am OPEN to any opportunity and dedicate to challenging myself.

I hope today you can accept where you are, and make a commitment to stay open to opportunity, new challenges and experiences.

God only knows where it may lead you and how you may be able to share YOUR unique gift.

Much love + thanks for taking the time to read my little mid-week babble ;)