wipe it without chemicals :: DIY baby wipes

Becoming a mom has challenged me in so many ways. Long before welcoming our first incredible child into the world I chose to take control of my health and it has been an exciting and ongoing transformation.

In the last six years I went back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist which helped me clean up my eating and lifestyle choices. I chose to move more, started yoga and did my best to detox my world through food, friends, and environment.

My self care regiment continues to evolve and is now much more simplified and green too. I love experimenting with new products and I truly care a lot about what I put on my skin, just as much as what food I put into my body.

Our skin is the largest organ we have and I want you to consider for a moment how many products you are exposed to on a daily basis. I'm sure for most women it's toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hair products, face care products, perfume, household cleaners….the list goes on and on and on.

Pretty gross when you start to read labels and do some research. Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep database is a great resource if you want to check out your products. 

As a mama, I care a lot about what my children are exposed to also.

Making baby wipes wasn't something I pursued until my daughter had a bad case of diaper rash this past spring. She typically only had a bit of a rash when she was teething but this was the rash that wouldn't die.

I put on my Dr. Mom cap and in addition to eliminating some foods I thought might be contributing to the rash, I wondered if the baby wipes were making it worse and not let her sweet little buns heal.

I have been making my own wipes ever since. The best part is that I can use much of what I have in my kitchen to make an effective and natural alternative to some nasty store bought ones.

I promise it isn't hard and I feel a lot better now knowing that my little people's most precious little body parts aren't being unnecessarily exposed to a laundry list of chemicals.

I know we all have our own battles to choose, and if homemade wipes isn't one you are willing to take on at this point. No stress. I just want you to see how easy it is and should that day arrive you will now know how to make your own.

This would also make a great baby gift to any expectant mama's!

Here is how it is done.


  • Paper towel roll {I have tried a few different brands but Bounty seems to be the best one every time. I buy them in bulk at Costco but feel free to try brands and see what works for you}
  • Sharp knife
  • Measuring cup
  • 1.5 cups pure filtered water
  • 2 TBSP coconut oil
  • 1 TSP. castile soap {Dr. Bronner's is my fav} OR glycerin soap would work too
  • 20 drops of essential oils. {I use Young Living essential oils and play around with a few different oils. I personally love lemon and lavender for it's antibacterial and skin soothing benefits. Just make sure you are using a high quality therapeutic grade essential oil}
  • An old baby wipes container


  1. Using a sharp knife, cut your roll of paper towels in half and remove the cardboard.
  2. Add 2 TBSP of coconut oil, and 1 TSP of castile soap to 1.5 cups of warm water. Stir and allow the coconut oil to melt.
  3. Wait a few minutes until the water mixture comes to room temperature and add about 20 drops of your essential oils. Stir well.
  4. Place your paper towels in the old diaper wipe container. Carefully pour the mixture over the paper towels and close the container. The mixture will be absorbed and then you are good to go!

It's that easy.