Introducing Mr. R

Here he is world! Roman Oliver Bell arrived on May 5th at 5:45 PM weighing 7 lbs 1 ounce.

Isn't he handsome!?!

We are thrilled that he decided to join the world a little early {9 days before his expected arrival}.

I am happy to report that we are all doing so well and are LOVING having this little man in our life.

Roman's newborn pics @ 9 days old via barebonephoto {THANK YOU EMMA!} 

Truthfully, I am still shocked he's a HE. For whatever reason, I was pretty convinced it would be a little girl so I still have my moments when I am totally in awe.

Sloane loves her little brother and although we are still going through an adjustment period I am happy that she is no longer asking her grandparents to "take" him. Ha.

Roman is eating, sleeping, and filling his diapers. I am embarrassed to admit to how many times I have already been pee'd on. Very different then changing a little girls diaper.

I am napping whenever I can and am eternally grateful for the small village of family and friends that surrounds us and is here whenever we need them.

So I apologize for being M.I.A for the last few weeks but as any family knows, when a new babe arrives, things are a little busy to say the least.

I look forward to sharing recipes and healthy living tips throughout my mat leave. I will also be sharing our birth story in the near future but I am so happy to report that the whole birthing process went really really well.

We were able to have another home birth and my birthing team was once again nothing short of INCREDIBLE. I am forever grateful for being able to welcome our baby boy into the world in such a calm, intimate and personal setting. My husband was an amazing coach, the midwives once again were so professional, supportive and I have so much gratitude for the unbelievable service they provide families with. We also shared the experience with our mom's. So special!

Just as an aside, I happened to come across this article the other day, and couldn't agree more that using midwives and opting for a home birth truly is a VIP birthing option.

Sending you lots of lovin and thank you to everyone for all of your messages, e-mails, texts, and visits.

Life is good. My heart is full and I will check in again soon!

Have a fab weekend.