bump life at 36 weeks

4 weeks out from D.Day and I'm feeling… large, excited and {almost} ready to meet this little person doing kung fu in my belly all day. Here is the view at 36 weeks.

I am still feeling a bit bigger and carrying much lower than I was with my daughter at 36 weeks {proof is HERE}. 

Energy levels have been great the last couple weeks. It helps that the hubs is home to help with most of the heavy lifting, Sloane is now at a babysitters a few days a week and I am trying to be mindful of S-L-O-W-I-N-G down and listening to what my body is telling me. All of these things are helping!

I am in total nesting mode and feeling much more mentally prepared for slowing down to adjust to life with a new baby, a new routine and what this will mean for our whole family.

Next on my agenda is to stock my kitchen with lots of healthy grub and do a bit of batch cooking so that when the babe arrives we can hunker down but still have healthy and quick meals and snacks.

My husband and I also will be sitting down to really go over our birthing preferences again as we prepare for another home birth. At this point the midwives feel confident the babe and I are in a great physical and mental place to have another home birth, so we just want to go over some labour comfort measures {how he can help me}, chit chat about how we hope it will play out, get all the equipment we need accessible so it can be easily set up and a few other things.

Oh and one more thing. I was pumped to see that my actual due date is the night of a full moon! Sloane was born the night before the full moon. I guess whether the lunar effect in fact affects labour and delivery or even conception may long be up for debate but I was excited to see that it was on my actual due date.

Happy Easter Weekend!