bump life at 28 weeks

Here is the how life is bumpin' at 28 weeks.

Observations + pregnancy joys: 

  • Lower back pain: I had a bit of this the first time too, and my lower back is something I have always had to stay on top of in general with regular massage and chiropractic.  The pain is somewhat sporadic which makes it manageable but I can't wait to get back to a bit more self care at home in Canada. My guess is that my hips are changing so in addition to the extra weight with the baby - there is some discomfort. the additional weight with the baby I just need a good couple of adjustments when I am back in Canada and I will be feeling good.
  • Food: All is good on the food front. No crazy cravings or aversions at this point. Just trying to make sure that I am getting lots of healthy fats and protein for the babe and I, in addition to a consistent supplement regiment.
  • Heart Burn. OUCH! This is worse than I remember with Sloane but heartburn has crept into my world the last few weeks and it makes it so hard to sleep some nights. I have noticed that having meals a bit earlier in the evening and avoiding any night time snacks keep it at bay. And if I have dairy I seem to notice it is worse. My remedy in addition to changing what time I am eating is a couple drops of Young Living's Peppermint Essential Oils, a glass of cold water or some peppermint tea and I prop my pillows on a bit of an angle and wait for it to subside OOOOORRR I feel like I sleep sitting upright most of the night ;)
  • Tired: Ahhhhh yes. Afternoon naps when possible are necessary but my energy for the most part has been good. However, there are some days when having someone else plugged into your power source leaves you a little depleted ;)
  • Kicks: Lots of kicks in my belly. I LOVE the feeling and it's fun to try to explain to Sloane a bit about what is going on. Anytime she gets a peek at my bare belly she runs over and kisses it. Even the second time around feeling this baby move is incredible. Sloane was also super active in the womb, so if this is any indication of the next babe's activity level - I will be a busy mama!
  • Movement: I have been getting to the gym a couple times a week and doing stretching and some mat work at home whenever I can. We walk all the time here in Berlin which is great, and of course keeping up with Miss S keeps me on my toes.

Check out this great shot from my ultrasound last week.

I thought it was a pretty special up close and personal look at the babe. My last appointment was for the anatomy check and I was just thrilled to see that the baby and all it's organs, 10 fingers and toes are developing on schedule and doing well in the womb.

One of the beautiful lessons I took away from my first pregnancy was a better understanding of time. At times, 9 months seems like a long time when your body is changing, hormones raging and there is so much uncertainty about how your life is about to change. This time around I feel a lot more settled knowing the process and what to expect. I am grateful that I feel well and I am doing my best to try and enjoy the ride even more than I did the first time. Pregnancy is such a blessing!

Okay, enough sappy stuffs….have an incredible day friend!