this little turnip is growing

I trust that your week is going great so far!

We are relishing in our time with my husbands parents who are visiting us in Berlin. We have been having a blast exploring the city together and as you can imagine, Sloane is being S-P-O-I-L-E-D with lots of lovin' from everyone!

The first 17 weeks has flown by so far and I wanted to share some of my observations. 

So here it is. Pregnancy numero deux at 17 weeks and the babe is currently the approximate size of a turnip.

  • Morning Sickness: I had a bit more nausea this time around. It was especially bad if I didn't eat regular small meals for the first two months, but I am so happy that it passed around the 10 week mark.  My go-to remedies  were Young Living's Peppermint Oil {I would add a few drops under my tongue if I felt it coming on or rub around my belly button if I felt a little uneasy after a meal}, peppermint tea, warm water with lemon and ginger, ginger candies, frequent meals, and lots of water.
  • Food stuffs: Almost immediately at 4 weeks I had my normal appetite but could only stomach a small amount of food at a time. I also felt like I needed to eat every couple of hours to keep my blood sugar levels Even-Steven. I have relied on small and consistent meals and several times I have had to have a snack before bed.  Some of my fav snacks are toast with almond butter and honey, apple with almond butter or anything with citrus - I'm a little obsessed with clementine  oranges.
  • Cravings + aversions: For the most part I have been craving citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Lemon water is my saviour in the morning! I didn’t feel like much of a health maeven from about 4-10 weeks, relying a lot on carbs. Big heaping bowls of oatmeal decked out with dried fruit and nuts and seeds was a heavenly start to the day. And yes, there have been a few sugary and salty indulgences along the way, more so in the beginning :) Salads, most smoothies, animal protein and some other healthy eats were completely off my radar. I also didn’t feel much like cooking for the first couple of months. I am so glad things have turned around and my aversions are gone and I feel much healthier being able to eat more like I am used too.
  • Exhaustion: From 4-10 weeks I was tiiiiired. I napped almost every day in the afternoon when Sloane went down for her nap and was having full 9-10 hours sleeps at night. I am grateful to be a stay at home mom who also works from home – so I could indulge in a siesta when it was needed.
  • Movement: Yes, I think I have already felt this sweet peanut move! The first couple times I thought I was just dreaming when it happened during the night but it happened again this morning. My tummy hardened a bit and it felt like he/she was doing a flip. So. Freaking. Cool! It was so nice to feel this again and I look forward to more.
  • Bosoms: I specifically remember the almost immediate soreness and hugeness that happened with my breast in the first month of my pregnancy with Sloane. I thought I had escaped the tenderness this time around, that was until the girls decided to change a few weeks ago - oh goodness! It's certainly not as extreme as the first time, but still a noticeable change.
  • Workouts: Other than walking, yoga, stretching and workouts at home when I can sneak in a few minutes, I haven’t been to a gym in months! Now that we are getting settled in Berlin and I feel that I have more energy, I am eager to get back at it. I will try to again focus on core, upper back and strengthening my legs and glutes knowing the journey that is ahead.
  • Mind: It’s funny, I now feel more relaxed after our first ultrasound at 11 weeks than I recall feeling with Sloane. I guess having a better idea of what is ahead allows me to relax a bit more. A friend of mine who is also pregnant with her second child describes it as feeling even a bit more blissful the second time around. At 17 weeks,  I am beginning to feel that way too. My husband and I are so grateful that we were able to conceive again, and our only prayer is for the arrival of a healthy baby.
  • Skin issues: This happened the first time around too. For someone who doesn’t typically experience acne, it feels a little out of control but if this is part and parcel of what goes on, I'll take it.  I haven't switched anything up with my skin care regiment but I am hoping to pick up some ingredients so that I can experiment with some homemade DIY beauty products to see if I can clean things up a bit.
  • Weight: To be completely honest, I have no idea what my weight is right now. I will be seeing an OB here in Berlin in the next week or so and will know more then. I feel good, no serious aches or pains and I feel close to the same as I did around this time with Sloane. I know that I was up about 5 lbs from my starting weight with my first pregnancy but during the summer I recognized that my body had made some changes following my first pregnancy and knew that we were going to try to get pregnant again. For this reason, health was my focus, not weight. With all this being said, I really want to get to a gym to improve my endurance, flexibility and strength ASAP.

So that's about it from 17 weeks! I am looking forward to sharing my second pregnancy journey with you again. We are working with the Stratford Midwives again and if we are a good candidate, of course hope to have a similar home birth experience back in Canada in May.

After sharing my first pregnancy journey I was floored by the response from fellow mama's and other fabulous young women hoping for a similar experience.

Since then I have been truly fortunate to work with several women who want to work to get healthy before pregnancy through one-on-one health coaching. I could not be more proud of all these amazing women {some have shared their stories HERE}! Their stories are different but their goal the same. Some hadn't yet tried to conceive and several others were struggling with fertility.

I could not be more proud of them for committing to improving their health one small step at a time, WORKING at finding more balance in all aspects of their life, and bring more awareness to the role that the mind-body connection plays in overall health.

Pregnancy truly is such a gift and I am so excited to be able to experience it again