whirl wind travel + travel tips with a babe

Miss Sloane has logged a couple miles over the last two weeks. From Canada to Germany, by plane.

Germany to Prague, Czech Republic by car.

Then from Prague back to Germany.


After being apart for two months, I am happy to report that our family is loving our time together since being reunited. Sloane is adjusting to her new surroundings once again, and we were able to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world over the last few days - Prague!

If you have been to Prauge you know what I'm talking about, and if it's on your bucket list you need to get there at some point. The architecture is beyond amazing, and in a few days we were able to check out the Charles Bridge...

Other stops along the way included: Old Town Square, Old Town Hall and The Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle and we indulged in a traditional Czech meal. He had the pork knee {honestly it was the biggest hunk of meat ever} and I shared my duck and dumplings with the wee one.

PS I apologize for the dirty Movember stache....

Sloane loved our quick pit stop at the John Lennon Wall.

John Lennon was never actually in Prague but HERE is a bit more about the wall.

And Love Lock bridge.

Thank you to the kind gentleman at the Hard Rock who chased after us as we were walking by their restaurant to give Sloane a balloon. It bought us about an extra hour, although as you can see, here is the beginning of the end ;)

We also had an amazing lunch on the Terrace of the U Prince Hotel which is in the city centre and overlooks a lot of the city. I would highly recommend it!

As you can imagine, we spent lots of time roaming the streets people watching and taking in the sights and sounds. It was an amazing few days. The 7 hour car trip each way felt super long at times, but Sloane was a trooper and it was certainly worth the drive.

I have been asked several times about tips on travelling with a young child, so here are a few tips I have picked up along the way... 

  • Be prepared {but don't overpack}: Gone are the days of packing too many bags for just me, that are too heavy and filled with lots of things that I don't necessarily "need". Travelling alone with a baby doesn't leave much muscle power left so I know this goes without saying, but pack wisely. I always give myself a few days to pack, re-pack, take out items that probably aren't necessary and try to focus on the essentials.
  • Distractions: This includes snacks {apples, water, puffs, baby cookies - anything that works for your kid!}, a couple of small-ish books, 1 compact/non-noisy and light toy, pictures or video's on your phone/iPad or other device, stickers, colouring books, etc. My daughter is highly curious and busy, I used all of the above to try and keep her occupied.
  • Check the stroller and use the carrier: I usually end up travelling alone with Sloane and with two carry-on's, I don't have enough hands to get a stroller through security. My ergobaby carrier has been a saviour while travelling.
  • Car travel: Pack your own food! This was key to be able to hold off Sloane's hunger and attention while we were on the plane and in the car. It was also great to make sure she was fed and watered if we weren't ready to sit down at a restaurant when she was hungry. My go-to's are healthy energy bars, or homemade amazeballs, apples, banana's, pears, kiwi, avocado, rice crackers, cubes of cheese, cucumber or pouches of fruit/veg mixes.
  • Home comfort: Her Miss Bunny, soother and favourite blanket provide her with comfort so I  was sure to keep them close by over the last few weeks.
  • Night time travel, if possible: I typically try to choose a night time flight when possible to help ease the time zone transition. Unfortunately, this time it didn't work out that well. During the 8 hour flight Sloane slept for 1.5 hours at the end and that's right...I was "that mom" with an over tired baby, bouncing her around at the back of the cabin while the flight attendants did everything in their power to help me keep cool. Ha!
  • Be friendly to the airport staff & flight attendants: When you are travelling alone, having an extra set of hands if you need it is necessary. All of the times I have travelled with Sloane I have had lots of help from the in flight staff. Last year when she was under 1 year I booked a bassinet which was amazing, and she slept most of the flight. This time I asked if there were any extra couple seats and they were able to make it happen - we actually had a whole row of three seats that was so helpful.
  • Ask for help, BREATHE and pack your patience!: It's okay to have your weak moments. I had some on the flight over, I tried to breathe and remind myself it was only an 8 hour flight and not going to last forever. I have had lots of "flight angels" along the way. They don't give me a hard time or charge me out the ying-yang if all of my bags are a little overweight {thank the Lord}, hold my baby while I go to the bathroom, make her smile and laugh if she is getting bored and fussy, make sure her bottle is warmed and she has all the snacks that she needs, help me get all of my bags off the carousel and onto the luggage cart, and push my loaded down luggage cart to the arrivals area. There are lots of great people in the world and several that have been in your shoes, or so I have discovered. I am so incredibly grateful for all of them!

Hope you are having an amazing week so far!