one more makes four

I am soooo excited to share with you that our family is expanding!

…and so is my belly… 

Baby Bell #2 is set to arrive May 2014.

Life is great my friends and as you can see, Sloane is clearly thrilled about becoming a big sis.

The view from 15 weeks looks a little bigger than it did the first time around, but I am assured this is normal. I was a little shocked when I was “showing” around the 8 week mark and couldn't help but think how large and in charge I would be at 40 weeks. Our bodies are amazing and I guess when it’s already been through the process once, it adapts faster the second time.

Sloane loves giving her baby sister/brother kisses and this is the first preggo pic this time around. Apparently jumping continents then a second move across Germany in less than a month, while also keeping up with a toddler, doesn’t leave much time left for selfies ;)

According to our weekly updates from Baby Center the little nugget is now the size of an apple. Even the second time around I am just as much in awe of how my body is changing and the progress of the baby.

I shared my first pregnancy journey and I fully intend on updating you on life with the little bambino this time around too. I am sure there will be some new surprises along the way.

Next week I will share the first installment with some observations from 0-15 weeks. In a nutshell I am thrilled to have my energy back after the crazy exhaustion train that hit me from about the 4 week mark until 9 weeks. I am back on the healthy grub after having some crazy little food aversions to salads, smoothies some days, almost all animal protein and having a super small appetite. Couple this with my little to no desire to cook {hence the lack of food posts…} … I am glad this healthy pregnancy train is back on track!

Sending you oodles of love for an amazing week ahead!