no more excuses - become the CEO of your life {TODAY!}

Hello gorgeous health mavens!

The last couple weeks have been busy in my house. We have finally kicked the flu to the curb.  Neither the hubs or I have had the flu for years and years and years but have heard about how awful it is this year - no joke. It sucks! But we are on the mend now.

We also had my father and a family friend visit for about a week and it was sooooo wonderful to have them here. Skype and FaceTime are hugely comforting when you live an ocean away from your family and friends, but there is nothing like having them here in the flesh :)

As you can imagine, Sloane was in her glory with all the lovin' from her Papa.

In other news, I recently sent out this month's newsletter. Over the last few days I have had some requests to post this months challenge on the blog so that they can share it with some of the loves of their life.

Here it is friends :: New Year, New Goals 

If you have been following my blog you know I love to talk about setting your intention, setting big {yet attainable} goals, yada-yada-yada. I certainly hope that you take the time to check in with your head and heart to set some direction in your life but instead of talking about New Year Resolution’s let’s take a slightly different approach this year that I hope will keep you accountable and shift your mindset a wee bit.

Your CHALLENGE is to officially become YOUR OWN CEO.

{Please note: I am not only talking in work related terms, I want you to apply this to all areas of your life such as health & wellness, family, relationships, hobbies, etc.}

A few points to ponder...

Was 2012 as rewarding and successful {in all aspects off your life} as you had hoped it would be? Do you feel that you are living each day more passionately and meaningfully? Did you work as hard as you should have? Did you work too much with too few results? Were you left feeling burnt out and un-satisfied at the end of 2012? Do you feel as though you are working towards your greatest potential?

Do you see some areas that could use a little improvement?

So this is what you are going to do. Take responsibility for where you are today. Love and accept where you are today and determine exactly how you want to grow and evolve WHO you are, and HOW you contribute to the world around you.

So how does a CEO operate? Here are a few important qualities we need in order to officially take control.

  • Distinct, concise and clearly defined goals – Your ship {re: your life} won’t have a destination if you don’t choose one. Get real with what you want, where you are going and how you are going to get there.
  • Highly effective communicator – Don’t expect others to read your mind {errr, we’ve all assumed this right… }. Speak up if you’ve got somethin’ to say! This doesn’t mean you have to be confrontational by any means but talk it out, use your words wisely and effectively and I promise you will get more of what you want.
  • Delegate roles - YES, ask for help, hire it out...whatever it is, know that you can’t do it all and that’s okay! By leaning on others you are understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and moving closer to your goals.
  • Help others reach their goals – In reaching your goals you can help support those around you too. What a concept huh?!? There is no room for selfishness or jealousy in any way. Instead align yourself with other successful people. Learn from them. Work hard and you too will reach your goals.
  • Confident in making decisions – This can be a hard one. Are you always second guessing yourself?!? STOP IT! Make a decision and stick to your guns about it. The more confident and easily you are able to make decisions, the more empowered and in control you will feel.
  • Confident in their abilities – Have some swag friend. Believe in yourself and know that you are capable of reaching your goals. This doesn’t mean you have to have your nose sky high but instead head on your shoulders, looking forward and believing you have what it takes to make great things happen.

Please friends, make yourself a priority for 2013 so that you can feel your best and yield the highest results and successes imaginable. I hope that by CHOOSING to be your own CEO you will gain more control in every aspect of your life. Not in a controlling obsessive nature but instead to free up more time and energy to spend time with those that you love, and doing the things that you love.

Wishing you all the power in this magical universe to accomplish some great things this year.