one month with baby S + some foodspiration

My baby girl is one month old!

Look at this blue eyed beauty. She is so alert now {when she's awake}.

One month roundup:

  • Cool as a cucumber: she is a very very happy little girl which the hubs and I are so grateful for. She is one cool chick ;)
  • Saying put: the last month has been spent mostly at home - and I am loving it. I am so grateful that she was born in the summer while we are at home so that we have family and friends around (vs. being away in another city or country during the hockey season) to visit and help out.
  • Living by the clock: Our days consist of feeding, a bit of playtime and sleeping. Repeat about 8 times and that's 24 hours.
  • Challenges: I think that breastfeeding has been the most challenging part so far. I was prepared that it may take some time but it can be quite stressful when all you want to make sure that your little one is feeding well. We had a couple challenging days around week 1 but I am so grateful for the support of my midwives, chiropractor and my mom! The other challenging thing has been all of the "firsts". the first car ride (re: trying to figure out the car seat). the first time grocery shopping with her by myself. The first wedding with babe. The first time breastfeeding in public....but hallelujah we made it!
  • Sleep: I can honestly say I feel pretty rested. Getting no sleep is probably one of the things that every parent warns you about when you are pregnant. I must admit I love my sleep and thankfully so does Sloane. She eats about every 2-3 hours during the day and then has about two 4 hour stretches at night (#thankful). I also try to sneak in  at least one nap with her each day.
  • It's the little things in life: Who knew that snuggles and smiles could make your world that much brighter. Bath time is also really fun. It's crazy how all the "things" that I felt so caught up in or busy with before she was born have little significance at this point. My focus is her and it is such a beautiful thing!
  • Grrowing: Miss S was 7 lbs 8 oz when she was born . As with all babies she lost some weight and went down to 7 lbs BUT I am happy to report that she is now tipping the scales as a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz .  I was warned by many parents how fast newborns change, but wow, it truly is amazing when you witness it happening before your very eyes.

Food prep has not been my priority over the last month but I am happy to be back in the kitchen now that we have somewhat of a routine. So here is a peek at what I've been making.

Notice that they are all very quick and easy to make but still pack some serious nutrition and flavour.

I hope this will provide a bit of #foodspiration for you....

Breakfast: oats + almond milk + chia seeds + cinnamon + walnuts + almonds + dates

Lots of smoothies: This one has coconut water + kiju juice + vega protein + cucumber + swiss chard + aloe vera juice + grapes + 1/2 banana + apple + hemp seeds {I was attempting to use up lots of fresh produce}

 Snack: Mary's Organics crackers + hummus

Incredibly sweet cherries. 

Lunch: Quinoa bowl with uinoa + chickpeas + kale + green beans + garlic + onion + sprouts

Salad perfection: greens + peach + avocado + walnuts + goat cheese + hemp seeds

Another super salad with greens + micro arugula + sprouted lentils + carrots + tomato + basil + sunflower seeds + extra virgin olive oil + juice of a lemon

Annnd another salad, this time with greens + beets + quinoa + zucchini + corn + parsley

I hope this will provide you with a few new idea's for your healthy food prep this week!