long weekend roundup + veg burgs + homemade popsicles

For those of you who celebrated the long weekend I hope it was a good one!

Every August long weekend we celebrate the birth of my hubs and this year was another success. 

Great weather, time by the pool, lots of laughs with our amazing family and friends and of course some good eats.

This was Sloane's first time celebrating her dad's bday :)

My contribution to the festivities {since it was at our house} was the main course - burgers and sweet corn. I made some beef burgers and experimented with veg burgers.

This is the recipe that served as the inspiration for the quinoa and adzuki bean burgers but they didn't seem to quite stick together properly. I will admit I didn't follow the recipe to a "T". I doubled the recipe and used two {local, organic, free range} eggs.

Despite their crumbly factor, they still tasted pretty great on a whole wheat bun with some toppings.

This is what they looked like before heading into the oven. they crisped up nicely after baking for 45 minutes at 375 degrees.

It is sweet corn season where I live, so we took full advantage. A bunch of the wonderful men husked and cooked about 8 dozen sweet corn over a bon fire and it was so delicious!

Call it mom-brain....

I whipped up some homemade fruit popsicles for the kids ....and forgot to serve them! So now I have a whole bunch of these beauties sitting in my freezer that will make the perfect summer treat. 

I added fresh blueberries, raspberries, frozen bananas, a little raw honey and the juice of a lemon to my blender.

Blend for about 1 minute then pour the mixture into the moulds and I also scooped a spoonful of greek yogurt onto the top before sticking them in the freezer.

The final product. A very berry spaceship.