coconut oil {LOVE}

Since transforming to healthier living not only by changing the foods I eat I have also been greening other areas of my life.

One "food" that has so many magical uses that I can't help but gush about to family, friends and clients is coconut oil.

in addition to being fabulous for cooking and baking with, coconut oil has amazing properties that make it a must have for your beauty routine as well.

Here are my fav TOP 10 beautifying uses for coco oil ...

  1. Body moisturizer - Massage into your skin post shower/bath. you will just have to wait a couple minutes before getting dressed, but the oil does absorb into your skin quickly.
  2. The BEST eye makeup remover {ever} - Gently rub some coco oil in and around your eye area. using a cloth with warm water gently remove makeup.
  3. Cuticle moisturizer - Great to massage into your cuticles and nails before bed.
  4. Face moisturizer - I use this as my evening moisturizer following cleansing. I will note that this might be too much moisture for certain skin types.
  5. Shaving "cream" - Instead of using your typical (toxic) shaving cream, massage this into your skin and shave.
  6. Hair mask - Apply a dollop to the ends of your hair to moisturize brittle and dry ends. Feel free to put your hair in a bun or place a towel on your pillow if you are concerned about the oil. wash and rinse in the AM.
  7. Massage oil - I love using this on my hubby and my newborn daughter. It's the perfect non-toxic moisturizer and it smells delicious.
  8. Lubrication - That's's a great option for your sexy-time escapades.
  9. Eyelash moisturizer - I find my eyelashes can become a little dry when wearing mascara. After I have removed my makeup I put some coco oil on my lashes before bed.
  10. Body scrub - Add some coconut oil, sugar OR sea salt and some essential oils to make a wonderful body scrub. I do this before I start by shower by using the scrub then gently rinsing with warm water. 

There really are so many other wonderful ways to use this magical oil. HERE is a great article that includes a whole bunch (160 to be exact) of other uses for coconut oil.

THIS article will explain a bit more about what you are looking for when purchasing coconut oil at your local health food or grocery store. I try to choose raw, organic and unrefined brands.

Have a fabulous weekend!