the view at 38 weeks + wedding festivities + dad love

I am writing this post from gorgeous Muskoka, Ontario.

One of my best friends is getting married to a very special man (who also happens to be my old college roommate) this weekend and I am honoured to be standing up in their wedding.

Baby Bell and I are old pro's at this wedding thing now ;)

The weather is sunny, warm and the wedding party and spouses are all shacking up in these cute cabins on the water. it is a rather blissful place I must say!

Following breakfast on the doc with the hubs at 38 weeks and truly love rocking my ocean and sand mala.

Here is a little 38 week pregnancy update. I can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our little babe!

  • Midwife check-up. I now have weekly midwife appointments and this weeks was really great. I have gained a bit more weight + the baby's heart beat is still really strong. She also told me that the head is down and moving into position!
  • Prenatal class = success. Last week my husband and I had the most amazing 3 hour prenatal session with a local chiropractor from Stratford. It was so helpful to have Dr. Tanya Chambers come into our home and educate us on labour, delivery, anatomy, breastfeeding,...and so much more. I can't say enough about the way she delivered the information, her passion and knowledge of all things related to pregnancy and the delivery. We both feel SO much more at ease knowing what we can expect. It was especially helpful for my husband who now feels like he understands his role a bit more. thank you Dr. Chambers!
  • Resting up. Naps are a must when possible but getting comfortable takes a bit more effort. to get comfy at night I wedge myself between 3 pillows supporting my back, neck and stomach - it's not pretty but it works. While my energy levels are still pretty good I can definitely feel my body needing to slow down a bit, which I guess is to be expected. I am trying to listen to what my bod needs.
  • Yoga + workouts. I have been to a couple more prenatal yoga classes that have been amazing as well as the gym. my workouts now are mostly walking on an incline, lots of stretching and still a bit of resistance training. I'm still doing a lot of squats and lunges at the gym or even around the house - I want my legs to be strong for labour ;)
  • Food. I am actually finding that my appetite is quite high. I am drinking LOTS of water, especially in the heat. as the due date gets closer I am really focusing on consistent + high quality foods so that when it is time for labour + delivery I will have as much energy as possible.
  • Preggo pampering. in the last couple of weeks I have got some last minute pampering in since I know once the baby arrives, there won't be much time to focus on me for a little while. I got a much needed hair cut, had my eyebrows done and even had a facial. I'm sure any woman will agree that it always feels great to have some pampering done but when you are 38 weeks pregnant, it feels especially fabulous.
  • Nesting. The nursery is {finally} set up. I actually had a weekend at home last weekend so I spent most of that time cleaning - like really cleaning! I put away any misplaced "stuff" that was still lying around the house from our move home a month ago and I officially feel like our home is ready.
  • Name game. I think we officially have two boy and two girl names! YEAH! we are fairly convinced that we need to meet this sweet little person before deciding on a final name.

In addition to the wedding festivities {which we are hoping the babe will co-operate and not make an appearance for...} I want to wish a very happy father's day to my dad, step-father + grandpa's :) :)

A very special moment with my dad :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the wonderful men in your life!