lazy sunday + a couple meal ideas

My due date (aka is almost here!

Wednesday is the big day and I really am trying my best not to be too impatient….

The husband and I are trying to savour what time is left before Baby Bell arrives but it's hard not to get so excited.

This past week was another one filled with last minute things to get done around the house - this nesting thing is serious business. I had a much needed prenatal massage, my weekly chiropractic adjustment and even made it to prenatal yoga.

Grateful for still feeling good at 39 weeks.

A couple other observations from 39 weeks ....

  • I felt the extreme need to have a 1-2 hour nap each day this past week. thank goodness I work from home...
  • I feel like my belly has dropped a bit, but everyone assures me that when the baby drops - I will know!
  • Still lots and lots of movement which I really feel now since there is limited space available.
  • I am really looking forward to our weekly midwives appointment tomorrow afternoon to see if there is any more progress :)

Other than that, things are pretty status quo at this point. I am just trying to keep moving and active, eat really nutritious meals, drink lots of water and stay relaxed as the due date gets closer.

Ss you get ready to head back to work this week I just wanted to share a couple recipe idea's with you that you might want to consider making.

The first is a delicious snack that was made in 5 minutes flat. All you need is a couple brown rice cakes, about 1/2 cup of hummus, greens (I used a huge spinach leaf), about 4 slices of cucumber per rice cake and a bit of fresh black pepper. layer these yummy ingredients + voila. This would also be a great addition to a huge fresh salad for lunch or dinner.

Here is what I had for breakfast this morning following a large glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon as well as a fresh bowl of fruit that was filled with local strawberries (#yum!), raspberries and an apple.

This heaping bowl of whole food goodness contained: short grain brown rice flakes, almond milk, banana, raw honey, 2 tbsp sprouted chia and flax seeds, cinnamon, and a handful of raisins. This was a fabulous breakfast that felt hearty but not to heavy for the warmer weather.

And this is something I came across on the social media world this morning that I think is great to keep in mind as your weekend comes to a close today.

Who doesn't want more happiness in their week?!?

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend friends!