36 weeks down + (approx) 4 more to go!

We are officially in the home stretch!

I am 36 weeks today which means I have 4 weeks until my due date, which seems so crazy!

Here is a little pregnancy randomness at 36 weeks...

  • Non-negotiable naps: Energy levels are remaining pretty great throughout the day but in the last few weeks I have "needed" an afternoon nap. Re: these are non-negotiable. thank goodness for the flexibility of working from home.
  • Body changes: My belly has certainly had a few growth spurts in the last 5 weeks. Heartburn has been a little bit of a battle at night when I am trying to fall asleep, but I just position my head a bit higher and that seems to help. I have also tried to avoid heavier meals, take a digestive enzyme with dinner most nights and avoid eating too late which has also seemed to help. I have also experienced a bit of swelling in my feet on some of the more recent days, but nothing outrageous just yet. And this is what else is going on at 36 weeks according to the website Baby Center.
  • Kung-fu baby: The amount of movement has really increased a lot the last two weeks and it is still such a surreal feeling. I can see my stomach move and there have been several kicks to the ribs - no complaints though! I'm sure this will become a bit more uncomfortable in the next few weeks but I am still loving the feeling.
  • Food: I am still eating consistent and quality meals focusing on protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies. I thought my appetite would have increased a bit more, but that might have something to do with the warmer weather as well. I am sticking to smaller and more frequent meals as I get full much faster...and hope to avoid heartburn. Still craving lots and lots of water too.
  • Midwife care: Midwife check ups have all been really great! My stomach is continuing to grow, weight increasing (I'm up about 24 lbs now), and the babies heartbeat is strong. I really appreciate the support and openness off the midwives. Each sessions provides enough time to ask lots of questions in a really relaxed atmosphere.
  • Making progress on my reading material: I am currently reading Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin. I appreciate the stories that women have shared about their experiences with natural births and find it quite empowering and would highly recommend this read to any preggo mama-to-be. 
  • Prenatal class: The husband and I haven't done a prenatal class yet but we have booked a few hours with a local chiropractor who runs a prenatal course. This comes highly recommend to us by several friends and family members who have taken her course, so we will be doing that next week. I hope this will make us both feel a bit more prepared as the due date gets closer.
  • Chiro + massage: I am loving my weekly chiropractic sessions and had a massage last week that felt so lovely! My hope is that by keeping my body as relaxed and aligned as possible, this will help when it is time for labour....well that's the goal at least ;)
  • Workouts: To be honest, I haven't had many workouts at all since moving back home. I have however, been outside doing lots of yard work, cleaning the house and unpacking which has kept me quite active. I got back to the gym this week and the mix of cardio, weights and stretching felt lovely.
  • Prenatal yoga: Since moving home, I have attended one class each week and I am finding that it not only feels so great for my body but I truly appreciate the discussions about our changing body, and ways to prepare for labour. I would highly recommend Meredith Brown's classes if you live in and around Stratford.

The bump and I heading out the door to yoga last week.

  • To-do list: looking ahead to the next four weeks there is still quite a few things I feel like I need to get done before the baby arrives. Mostly importantly is to get the nursery up and running. I also want to try to prep some meals that can be frozen and will be easy to prepare once we are back home with the babe. I know we will have some amazing support from our family and friends, but I am hoping to be as prepared as possible since I'm sure cooking will be the last thing on my mind.
  • What I am loving: The excitement in my husbands eyes when he feels the baby move. The oodles of love and kindness that my friends and family have shown throughout this whole pregnancy. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that this sweet child is being born into so much love and support. Not knowing the gender of the baby has been a lot of fun and keeps it extra exciting. I am so excited to meet this little person!
  • What I am missing: ... most of my wardrobe at this point doesn't fit which has created some limited options :) I am really missing harley rides with the husband. I look forward to jumping back on the bike later this summer.

Nights like this at home have been so wonderfully relaxing and I am taking time to enjoy the calm, stillness and peace.... I know this will change a wee bit very soon.

The wedding we hosted over the weekend was an absolute success!

I am currently in Chicago with the husband for a quick visit to see some friends and will be heading back to Canada tomorrow!

Have an amazing day!