31 week randoms + my growing belly

31 weeks down - 9ish to go.

Okay wow. We are in the single-digit-week count down now! The last photos I posted were at 27 weeks and this amazing little baby is growing week by week.

The view at 31 weeks. 

I feel so absolutely ready to meet this baby! But I am sure as most women will confess, the thought of the actual labour and delivery is a little too much to handle at times. Every time I feel my heart and mind begin to race thinking about labour/delivery I try to focus on the end result and the fact that women around the world have been doing this for centuries! It also helps to take some deep yoga breaths ;)

Some here are a few of my observations and random thoughts at 31 weeks ....

  • There is a lot of movement now. Most mom's have warned me to really enjoy this because it is one of the things they seem to miss the most about being pregnant. It is such a wicked and comforting feeling.
  • My 28 and 30 weeks appointments went really well. The baby is growing and so is my tummy. As of this week I am up 19 lbs and the baby weighs approximately 3 lbs at this point - just crazy!
  • Loved meeting with my midwife yesterday. She really is amazing and put my mind at ease during our 45 minute chat.
  • The husband and I really enjoy getting weekly updates from babycenter.org delivered to our inbox. Each email includes just enough information including what development stage the baby is at, It's approximate size (we're talking fruits and vegetables ...too fun) which this week is about the weight of four naval oranges. It is also so great for the dad-to-be as well as it describes what the mom is experiencing week-by-week. I would highly recommend using this if you are or become pregnant :)
  • I have been a bit more tired the last couple of weeks which has resulted in some magical afternoon siesta's....
  • Workouts are still going pretty great. Love sweating it out a bit doing some cardio and I can't get enough stretching/yoga. I probably get to the gym about 3 times a week right now which feels just right.
  • The babe and I went clubbing. I was in Niagara Falls for a girlfriends bachelorette a couple weeks ago and had a blast! It actually felt really great to get dressed up and throw some heels on!
  • Food: no real cravings at this point. I had my fill of goodies at the bachelorette weekend so I am just focusing on eating a bit more in terms of calories as this baby continues to grow in the last trimester. I have also felt the need for a bit more animal protein which I could hardly even look at the first couple of months.
  • Oh my goodness, my birthday spa day present that I used a couple weeks ago was SO necessary! The manicure, pedicure, facial and pregnancy massage were such a treat! Thank you hubs :)
  • I seem to be clumsily underestimating the size of my {growing) tummy. I tend to run into things and attempt to squeeze through places that a pregnant belly apparently has no place squeezing through. My husband witnessed one of these mishaps when I ended up wedged between the fridge door and kitchen counter…. The up-side I have a little table for my tea cup at night when relaxing on the couch :)
  • I am just a wee bit sad about my dwindling wardrobe. Most jeans are now out and packed away and I am essentially living in lululemon, long tank tops from Target and a couple new dresses and skirts that I bought from H&M and Pea in the Pod. 
  • What I'm missing the most at this point is hot yoga .... but let's be serious this is certainly worth it ;) 
  • To-do list in the coming weeks: I ordered some books that came highly recommended by some wonderful people and I am on a mission to read them before the baby arrives.

"Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never ever have enough." ~ Oprah Winfrey

I am loving being at home! Today is filled with more errands including heading to the hospital to pre-register and a trip to Babies "R" Us with my mom to find a car seat and a couple other necessary items. Fun! 

Wishing you the power to focus on what you already have today and be grateful for all the goodness that fills your world!