my pregnancy from 0-20 weeks

I trust that you all had a very green weekend - not only in your beverage of choice but weather. It was sunny and warm in Southwestern Ontario over the weekend making it feel like spring had finally arrived.

Yesterday was a bit of a travel day for me but I arrived back in Syracuse last night. I had such a great time at home celebrating the marriage of my sister and her new husband as well as some fun St. Paddy's day wedding festivities for very special friends of mine that are getting hitched this spring. 

Home was amazing but it's nice to be back and settled with the hubs.

I am now 25 weeks!

It is crazy to think that in just a few short months we will finally be able to meet our little babe, but for now I am continuing to enjoy each week as it passes. I thought I would discuss a bit of my experience about the beginning weeks of my pregnancy. things seemed to move fairly slowly the first trimester but I am certainly feeling more and more like a pregnant lady as the weeks pass. 

Here are some of the ups and downs of 0-20 weeks....

  • Pregnant + a little freaked: Finding out I was pregnant was probably one of the most shocking, exciting and scary moments I have ever experienced. While we were trying to get pregnant - I'm not sure you can ever prepare yourself for that moment when that little test tells you that you are in fact pregnant! I picked up a pregnancy test at Target and took it when I got home. When the test said "pregnant" I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or shriek. I went out to tell my husband, but I had no idea what to say! I walked over to him + could hardly speak but showed him the test. We shared some sweet tears and few "oh my gaad - what have we done" moments - ha. But it was such a very very special moment.
  • 4-6 weeks: These couple of weeks were mostly uneventful but I did notice I was quite tired. I also felt like I had to drag my butt to the gym, so I just tried to rest and listen to my body - hallelujah for afternoon siesta's.
  • PM nauseousness: I didn't exactly experience morning sickness, but from weeks 6-8 I would start feeling nauseous around 10 o'clock PM. I would brew a warm cup of water and add some chopped up ginger root and that seemed to be enough to do the trick. Luckily this only lasted about two weeks and hasn't returned. I am very thankful for that and can truly sympathize with those women who feel sick through much of their pregnancy. Not the most joyous experience of pregnancy.
  • The simple new joys: In addition to knowing that I had a very important and special secret that only my husband and I shared for the first several weeks, I began to enjoy parking in the "expectant" mother parking. Ha! I'm not sure why this VIP parking brings me so much joy, but it does.
  • Food cravings: For me this has included sweets. I am not often tempted by sweets, HOWEVER I have had a rather ridiculous sweet tooth lately. When this happens I try to do my own baking when possible so that I know what I'm consuming. But I will admit, in my first 12 weeks there was more than one occasion when I drove through McDonald's drive through for a chocolate sundae...... I now prefer some yummy organic ice cream versions. Oh and water, I just can't get enough water!
  • Stay away: The only food I really have had no desire to consume so far throughout my pregnancy is animal protein. I have no idea why, but the smell is sometimes enough to almost throw me over the edge. I also had no desire to have anything green for the first couple of months. I did my best to blend them into smoothies, but it's crazy what the body does! 
  • Heart beat + baby's first picture: Our 8 week appointment was the first with my OB in Syracuse. that was a really fun day, they confirmed that I was pregnant (pfew), we heard the baby's heart beat and also had a sonogram that produced some super cute pictures. Albeit the babe appeared to be the size of a kidney bean - still so cute! I'm not sure either of us could really believe it but that was a very exciting and surreal day.

One proud baby-daddy at 8 weeks!

  • Keeping a secret: Keeping THIS secret was probably one of the hardest things ever! All we wanted to do was scream it from the roof top but we managed to wait 14 weeks. The timing couldn't have been any better because we were able to share our exciting news with our family and friends at Christmas when we went home. Finally being able to tell everyone made it seem that much more real and most of their reactions were priceless.
  • Physical changes: Growing bust - ouch! Anyone who has been pregnant knows what I am talking about. Nuff said.. Pregnancy acne - has been a bit of a battle thus far but I'm not going to complain if that's the price you have to pay for a babe ;) my bladder size has clearly changed and I know this is just a foreshadowing of what is to come but wow, many more frequent bathroom breaks. It makes road trips take a little longer these days. Back pain - which is mostly attributed to my lower lordosis (aka sway back which is a rather accentuated curve of the lower spine) as well as shifting pelvis. Thankfully this has been corrected with some regular chiropractic appointments.
  • Healthy eats + regular movement: Despite the sweet tooth at times...I have been very conscious of what food is going into my body.  I will talk a bit more about this in future posts as some of you have been asking for a bit more info. Working out has also been very important and necessary throughout the beginning of the pregnancy. I felt my back pain lessened the more I moved and having a good sweat is always good for the babe and mama.
  • Supplements for the babe: For me this has included my prenatal vitamin as well as a good quality omega supplement (nervous system/brain development for the fetus). But food is my main focus for nutrients essential to the development of my baby.
  • Other random observations: Watching my husbands excitement might just be hands down the sweetest part of this pregnancy so far. He is curious, extra loving and so careful to make sure that I feel fine. Love him the most! My sense of smell has absolutely been heightened. I have this very surreal feeling of responsibility for something so precious that is growing inside of me. I really can't explain it other than to say that I feel a whole new purpose that is so special. this in turn has also created a very unique physical/emotional shift that is more loving and kind than I previously felt for myself. I think knowing that my every emotion can be felt by this sweet babe plays a very important role. I have loved having both my OB and midwife appointments to date. I see the OB when I am in Syracuse + check in with my midwife when I am at home. Both have offered wonderful support and education through the first half of the pregnancy.
  • 20 week check up: For me this felt like a pretty important checkup. We received the results from our various tests that were taken and the anatomy of the baby was checked out. I had a rather huge sigh of relief walking out the doctor's door that day as everything look great. This is also the appointment when you can find out the gender of the baby but my husband and I have chosen to NOT find out. We are so excited for the element of surprise. I also received a whole new roll of pictures of the babe who now appears much less alien-like and much more baby-like. He/she was flipping, rolling and what appeared to be waving and almost sucking it's thumb. What a miracle!

So that friends is the first half of my pregnancy in a nutshell. More pregnancy adventures to come but I hope you have a fabulous Monday!