24 weeks preggers + back on the mat

I did it!

Last night I went to my my first yoga class since becoming pregnant and in a word, it was BLISSFUL!  

I have maintained a consistent yoga practice over the last 5 years and truly love any time I get to spend on my mat. For me yoga has strengthened and leaned out my body, improved flexibility, and maybe most importantly help me to feel grounded through deep breathing and other various relaxation/visualization techniques.

Can I get an - ommmmmmmmm .......

As my husbands job has moved us around the globe I have tried various types of yoga but my favourite to date is any form of hot yoga. I was attending classes about twice a week throughout the summer and then when we moved to Syracuse I wasn't able to find a hot yoga studio here.

It was around this time I also found out I was pregnant and for whatever reason the only yoga this bod has done the last several months has been the odd pose on my mat set up in our living room.

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I have dabbled in both Bikram and Moksha but tend to prefer the flow and variety of Moksha. I have seen several gorgeously radiant and bendy pregnant ladies in hot yoga classes that I have attended and although I know it can be safe, I wouldn't feel comfortable jumping back into at this point.

That will have to wait until post-babe.

Every new city we move to provides the fun task of trying to find a fabulous new yoga studio. Let me just say, there have been some epic fails. It's always great for a good laugh. I can't help but think about one small Bikram studio in Toronto that featured a crazy little yogi and his girlfriend who opted to do her practice naked. Seriously, like what the heck!?!

And let's just say that trying to follow a class in Swiss-German is a new adventure as well. But overall it has been a very rewarding experience attending different studio's and learning from a wide array of teachers.

Last night two of my other pregnant lady friends on the team and I attended our first prenatal yoga class and I am so happy we did! It was beautiful, relaxing and exactly what I needed.

Some of the highlights for me were the meditation, deep breathing, hip opening poses and anything that stretched my obliques. Sweet sweet mother it felt good.

I can be {slightly} competitive with myself in my practice, but last nights class was so different. I was strangely in tuned with my body, my sweet little babe and the way my body is continuing to change and grow. Needless to say it made for a very special hour on my mat.

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My goal is to attend at least one class a week through the remainder of my pregnancy and from the sounds of it, a lot of my wonderful followers found it was helpful not only throughout their pregnancy but labour as well.

Thank you for all of your input on the healthy ginger facebook page about your experiences and if anyone else out there has some advice about how yoga helped them throughout their pregnancy I would love to hear about it!

Namaste beautiful friends.