Brussels Sprouts + Brown Rice

I whipped up a this cancer-fighting-vitamin-C-packed-plate-of-goodness. YUM!


  • 1 cup of brussel sprouts (rinsed + chopped)
  • 1 cup of brown rice (I had some leftovers that were easy to toss in)
  • Handful raw walnuts
  • Handful raisins
  • EVOO (approx 1 Tbsp)
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • Sea salt + pepper to taste


  1. Rinse and chop your chop your sprouts in half.
  2. On medium heat, add brussel sprouts and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to a medium sized pan. sauté for about 3-5 minutes. You want them to soften a bit and begin to lightly brown.
  3. Mince garlic and add to mixture. also add brown rice, raisins, juice of lemon + maple syrup.
  4. Cook for another 1-2 minutes until well combined and rice is warmed
  5. Rough chop walnuts.
  6. Remove mixture from heat and plate. Add a bit of sea salt, pepper and chopped walnuts.

Note: make sure not to overcook the brussel sprouts (or any vegetable for that matter)  to ensure you keep all of the nutrients in tact.

Brussel sprouts are part of the cruciferous vegetable family (think cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and broccoli to name a few others) that are amazing to say the least. To read a bit more about their powerhouse health benefits read this.