christmas roundup + exciting news!!!

To Ontario and back in 4 days was a whirlwind experience.

We had such a joyous time at home with family and friends and feel so lucky to be within driving distance this year so that we could be home for the holidays.

I am sure my holidays were similar to most of yours, lots of food, good laughs, gift giving and receiving, catching up with the people we love the most, board games, travel and a little bit of sleep.

We even had a birthday celebration and engagement news when we got home! Lots of excitement!

christmas decor at my mom + stepfathers

Another reason christmas was so absolutely exciting was because the husband and I got to share some really really really wonderful news.


Baby bell is due to arrive June 27th, 2012 and telling our family and friends over Christmas was such a blessing!


We are absolutely over the moon excited and I have to be honest, keeping a secret for over 3 months is awful! Ha! 

I am feeling really great so far and hope this continues throughout the rest of the pregnancy. This made for an extra special Christmas.

I hope wherever you were you had a lovely time surrounded by some very special people!