monday motivation

Hello friends and Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. much of mine was spent watching hockey and yesterday was a lazy Sunday at it's finest. The hubby had the day off so we slept in, had some banana pancakes (adapted from my fav recipe that you can find here), met up with some friends for some football, darts, pizza and wings.

It was a day of relaxation and a bit of indulgences...which is always fun once and awhile.

This leads me to today's post: how to find balance and maintain your motivation.

I have had many conversations with clients as well as my closest friends and family on this very topic.

Here are five ways that I feel will keep you motivated and driven to truly change the way you live so that HEALTHY LIVING is just what you do. End of story. 

  1. Write it down. What exactly is your goal? Maybe it's to improve your overall health and wellness, avoid the 3 o'clock slump at work, or maybe it's to lose weight for your upcoming wedding or vacation. Whatever your goal is, I want you to write it down. This is one of the single most effective ways to hold yourself accountable by setting a measurable goal. Now that you know what the goal is, write down a timeline. Next, write down what steps you need to take {big and small} to achieve said goal. Be proud of whatever goal(s) you set. I think it's a fabulous idea to print it out and place in a gorgeous picture frame somewhere that you will see it everyday. rint them out + place them in a pretty picture frame. place it somewhere that you will see it everyday as a way to stay motivated + on track for success.
  2. Have some grace. Once you have set your goal and made the commitment to succeed do your best not to be so darn hard on yourself. In my own experience there will be ups and downs. Some days filled with wins, others you put your head on your pillow feeling like their were some losses. My advice is while staying committed, give yourself some grace. Every day you have hundreds of choices that will help you towards your goals of health and wellness. I promise that if you give yourself some room for error you won't have as much guilt and have your goal de-railed.
  3. Strive for balance. Let's be serious, sticking to a "diet" or "workout plan" can be really difficult when you are crazy busy at work and home, and have over-committed yourself to family, friends or other endeavours. When life gets chaotic that's when our goals take a back seat. I believe the key is to try to find balance in the chaos - if there is such a thing. Remain focused on your goal, and make yourself a priority every day. If it means you can't get to the gym, well take the stairs at work or go for a short afternoon walk. If you are having a lunch meeting and make an unhealthy choice don't consider that a free pass for the rest of the day instead, grab an apple and a green drink for your afternoon snack. If you are waiting for life to slow down a bit to allow you to have more time to reach your goals, I'm sorry to say you will be waiting a long while. start right now! Avoid the case of the "someday's". 
  4. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. This goes hand-and-hand with striving for balance. 80% of the time I want to you to make mindful choices that will help you towards your goal (ex. weight loss). but the other 20% of the time, life happens! If you have a glass of wine on the weekend or a piece of birthday cake, do it guilt free! If your goals leave you feeling like you can't live, I guarantee you won't stick to them so that might be a good indicator that you need to tweak what it is that you are working towards. 
  5. Love thyself! Love yourself enough to commit to becoming better each and everyday. No excuses. You must know that you are worthy of greatness and success. It is especially important to love yourself on those days when you are lacking motivation (repeat #2....). don't forget to laugh and remember why you set your goal in the first place. Believe that you can achieve it. surround yourself with happy and inspiring people. Say affirmations. Love yourself!!!!

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I enjoyed my pizza and wings guilt free last night but today I am back on track!

Heading the gym this afternoon and I have already enjoyed some healthy eats this morning. If you haven't already, set a goal today (don't wait until tomorrow, or the New Year...or....). commit to making daily choices that will get you there, continue to believe in yourself and enjoy the ride!