almond butter love

If you haven't already met, please let me introduce you to a very good friend of mine, sweet sweet almond butter.

if this heavenly goodness has not yet touched your lips (gasp...) I will suggest some delicious ways for you to include this into your whole foods diet as well as some reasons to love it!

Just as almonds are healthy, so too is almond butter. Here are some reasons to love this nut butter.

  • Contains good monounsaturated fats that are cholesterol lowering and promote a healthy heart.
  • Good source of protein.
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels which will leave you feeling satisfied and energized longer.
  • Low in sugar. all natural nut butters are a much better alternative than some of those other brands that may be taking up space in your pantry.
  • Contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E.

I promise your kids will love a natural nut butters such as almond or cashew. I will admit that it isn't as sweet as what they may be used to, but you can sweeten the transition a little by using other ingredients like raw honey and cinnamon. 

You can find these little jars of treasure at almost all grocery stores and health food stores. When I'm in Canada I buy in bulk at Bulk Barn. In terms of portions I never use more than a couple tablespoons. too much of anything isn't that healthy for you. But almond butter is a fabulous addition to several meals and snacks for flavour and nutrition.

Here are my top five fav ways of using almond butter..

  1. A few TBSP'S of almond butter on toast OR a tortilla wrap (I like Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread products) + raw honey + banana + cinnamon. I just had one the other day - see here.
  2. A TBSP of almond butter in a smoothie with almond milk + banana + handful of kale + cinnamon + 2 Tbsp of hemp seeds.
  3. Apple dipped in almond butter + topped with cinnamon.
  4. Add a TBSP of almond butter to your favourite warm breakfast cereal such as oatmeal OR oat groats OR quinoa + almond milk + cinnamon + a bit of maple syrup. 
  5. After dinner treat of almond butter + medjool date. Remove the pit from the date + spoon in a tsp of almond butter (repeat). 

....okay and one more ....

 I have even been known to take a spoonful of almond butter and add a bit to a piece of dark chocolate. My version of a peanut butter cup. Yum! 

Clearly there are a hundred more ways to eat almond butter. So if you have any more great idea's, please feel free to share!