Ohhhhhh Happy Day!

Sending you so much love today.

Truth: Our fam has had random, small illnesses over the last 3 weeks and I am just so darn happy they are gone.

My current word is GRATEFUL.

So in the spirit of sunshine and gratitude I am sharing a TOP 5 FAVOURITES list with you today.

These are just some of the things that are lighting me up and that I am currently crushing on as I work to bring more balance and health into my own life.  

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Here is your May love note and I hope you are feeling amazing!

It has been another fun couple of weeks around here!

We have walls! The kids are so excited each day to see what is going on with our Farm House Reno (you can follow along on IG under the RENO highlight).

We were cheering on our biggest girl who did such a great job at her dance recital. Her amazing studio puts on the most incredible show!

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Spring Smoothie Inspo, Birthday Fun, First Podcast Interview, Reno + more!

Annnnnnd it feels like SPRING!!!

All the praise hands from this mama after a full weekend outdoors. We alllll needed it and I loved having dirty, happy and tired kids on Sunday night to bath and tuck into bed.  

I can’t even believe it but we just celebrated our baby girls 2nd Birthday. How the heck has this happened?!? She is seriously so sweet, yet incredibly fierce and independent.

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I’m dancing into my thirty-fifth year with a full heart and so much excitement with this new March energy!

Do you feel it too?!?

I know that winter is still here for a bit longer but I love the feeling of new energy, more sunlight (YEAH).

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We are all back into our routines over here – yeah. The holiday break was amazing but we are all thriving now that we are back into our everyday (chaotic) life again.

For the record, I LOVE being back in this space with you. Writing is such a fun creative outlet for me and it just feels good to be baaaack!!!!

I hope you are rolling into this week feeling well and inspired to take amazing action each day to become better.

Oh yes, wellness goals are still all the hot-topic but I wanted to share THREE WAYS I AM STICKING to my 2019 intention with the hopes it might keep you on track too!

So let’s go!

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Natasha Bell
holiday loving + creating clear intention for the rest of 2018

Happy day beauty!

I hope your week is going incredible as all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is officially here this week!

Our sweet tree is up and our two oldest kids were thrilled to do all the decorating.

The holiday parties are underway and I have about ¼ of my shopping done…. Things are looking up! Ha! Lots to still do but I am doing my best to find joy in these coming days.

I hope you guys are having the best week and I want to spread some holiday cheer and tips on maintaining some calm amidst the Christmas (chaos) fun….

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Favourite ThingsNatasha Bell
All The Friday Feels

It feels so good to be back in this space. And it feels so good to share with you my new space, my new biz name and get back to creating health together in the most easy and fun way possible. Because you guys! It’s about the journey, it is to be fully enjoyed and savoured (…the food AND the entire journey!).


So welcome to OUR HOMEGROWN HEALTHY’s first blog post.

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dusting off the blog || bump life update + fudgey protein brownies for the win

You guys! 

Today felt like the right time to dust off the old blog.

I love this space and I love sharing all things health with you, but life has been pulling me in some other directions (in a wonderful way).

I appreciate you following along with where I have been hanging – mostly on Instagram + Facebook. So make sure to pop over there if you haven’t. It’s quick and dirty and allows me to share quick snaps as life happens, yummy meals, everyday life, natural solutions for you and your family and a whole lot more! 

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I HEART HEALTHY + some upcoming events

HELLOOOOOOOO! I truly hope that you are having a fabulous week.

Our family has officially been home in Canada for just over a month now and I can’t even begin to express how fabulous it is! Kids are in their new routine and I am LOVING being home and sharing all things healthy and it officially feels like summer.

Our time at home so far has been full and wonderful!

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Birthday babbles + wishes for another year of awesome

Today I turn a year older. Hopefully a year wiser, and a year more awesome. Or at least that is what I’m hoping ;)

I have always loved birthdays and today is no different. I am welcoming my 32nd year with open arms, a lot of excitement and maybe because I’m getting older….a whole lot of reflection. Reflection on the year that has been and the year that I am hoping will hold a whole lot of magic.

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creating space + a mama mantra

I'm not 100% convinced that there is such a thing as finding the perfect life balance. As a mama, wife and entrepreneur there are those days that my juggling act is off. 

Like yesterday. Oh boy, yesterday....

Each day I am trying to be better. Better at prioritizing what needs my attention and what I pour my heart and soul into.

My focus is my family and sometimes I need the gentle reminder that everything else can {and sometimes needs to} wait. I'm sure this has and always will be a challenge reserved for all the incredible mama's out there until the end of time. 

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healthy how to: kick sickies to the curb + a DIY bone broth

Ohhhh yes. The sickies have invaded our home again this year... a couple of times. 

Despite all my best efforts (that we will chat about below) germs from Sloane's pre-school are keeping me busy. 

Over the last few years I have shared some of my go-to natural remedies for doing your best to prevent getting sick but also ways to support the body as it gets better. 

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2016 goals + THRIVE IN 52 starts this week!

I hope with all of my heart that you had a magical holiday season.

I’m out of my PJ’s {lulu’s count right….} which makes today feel a bit more normal.  Sloane is back at school and after a much deserved break I am happily back to work. Yeah!

I have made some time to sit down and map out some goals for 2016. Here is just a little sample... 

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